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Bordelle in the boudoir for Bambi

Bordelle’s strappy bodices work more tirelessly than any other lingerie under the sun. Not only do they hold things up and push things in and tie the whole package up with a satin bow, they also take a starring role in many an erotically-charged editorial, and all this without complaint. Stylist Fourence Abelin uses these types of pieces liberally in a shoot by Yves Kortum…
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Going topless or pantless… but not both at once

Coco Chanel once said, rather famously, “Before you leave the house, take a look in the mirror and take one thing off.” Assumedly she was referring to accessories – to leaving behind, say, one strand of pearls or maybe going a little more minimal on the headwear. One doens’t imagine Coco removing her pants, doing one last quick spin in front of the mirror, and…
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Enraptured silence, blissful solitude (NSFW)

Out of the many renderings nudity gets, its poetic translation is perhaps the most difficult to bring about and convey. Difficult because imagining something utterly sexual being veiled by an actual aura of softness doesn’t come easy. But when it does materialize in front of your eyes, you ought to instantly recognize its dreamlike quality, even when it’s born straight out of a raw sensuality,…
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All fur coats and no knickers

There’s something about being swathed in unrepentant luxury. Fur, it’s shaggy faux counterparts, deluxe shearling – anything that implores tactile interaction from the casual passer by – all fit in the same category. There’s at once the historical association with luxury and the now-cemented condition of being taboo. There’s warmth heightened by a primitive impulse, tactility that’s amplified against bare skin, opulence that’s deepened because…
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Lingerie & birds of prey: the sexiest styling you’ll see today

I love words, but Bambi is erotic minimalism. It’s a short story anthology told only in pictures. It’s what a magazine looks like when you remove all the clutter and keep only the good bits. And how many magazines can claim to do that? But that’s not to say that the visuals themselves are minimalist. They’re delivered cleanly, without distraction, without explanation, but as for…
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Bare skin glowing under bright lights (NSFW)

Intoxicating, wild and beautiful, some girls are meant to unfold quite perfectly underneath a bright spotlight, the gentle light serving as their only disguise. A refined kind of sensuality takes over Tak Takei photo shoot for Bambi Magazine, as a stunning Oxana allows a festival of the senses to assume her being. Colours, emotions and delicacy become one, the outcome coming close to painting what…
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The haunting beauty disclosed (NSFW)

There are certain kind of pictures that manage to start an avalanche of emotions, that can easily take you back decades, conveying you through time and space with something as simple as the light in a woman’s eyes. There are pictures that manage to uncover beauty, reaching its impassable layers, adding to its grace by growing it out of the ordinary, peeling off each coat…
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A tribute to pure, unadulterated glamour

In a visual encomium to pure glamour, you need more than a little polish and just a little less than too much perfection. By that I mean your model – ideally proportioned, desirably sultry, dripping in just enough diamonds – should still feel like a woman and not a doll. Roxana is woman. Antonio Barrella’s black and white shoot for Bambi Magazine nets in luxury’s…
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The woman who holds her men captive: raw passion in Bambi Magazine

Raw passion and fiery sensuality aren’t easy things to manufacture in a staged situation, but Davide Ambroggio’s images for Bambi Magazine manage to ignite them with such force they risk setting your screen on fire. Carmen – like the titular gypsy at the center of Bizet’s famous opera – is alight, and able to hold any man in her thrall. She is the strength that…
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Bondage, two babes in lingerie, and one amazing hotel room

You know that old line: Location, location, location. It can be as true for photoshoots as for where to pop up the latest Starbucks franchise. Location matters, but so, too, does making the absolute best use of it. In some unnamed hotel space that pits opulent furnishings against sanded back hardwood floors and provincial cabinets, Yves Kortum’s shoot for Bambi Magazine issue XVI brings the…
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