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Glamour girl with a soft spot for seduction

Nothing can hold back a woman who makes it her ultimate purpose to seduce and conquer. Not when she look as impossibly beautiful as Charlie Dupont and especially not when knowing for sure that what lies underneath her sophisticated clothes is bound to leave one breathless. Photographed by Stef P, the glamour girl with a soft spot for seduction is the one you’ll find impossible…
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Those quiet moments at dawn made sexy (NSFW)

Those quiet mornings spent unhurried at home – with the scent of the warm coffee slowly filling the emptiness of the rooms – gain an effortless sensuality under Stefano Brunesci‘s direction, to whom those few precious hours at dawn seem like the perfect time to get lost in a fantasy. With the hair rollers on, a shirt thrown over ever so casually, and a house…
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Treat her flawless body like a work of art (NSFW)

While there are many ways to praise the human body, aesthetically speaking of course, few of those ways manage to actually elevate the naked silhouette for it to eventually be perceived as a work of art. Celebrating the purest form of beauty in a manner that is less driven to emphasize its sexual undertone, choosing instead a rather poetic direction, Tak Takei‘s photography is the kind…
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Fetishised sensuality gone rogue (NSFW)

It’s not about the desire to shock anymore, not since the bondage element has long morphed into a full statement of luxury, instead the modern fetishism is more about allowing sensuality to break new grounds, without fully abandoning the taste of forbiddance. Chokers, fishnets, thigh-high stockings and leather harnesses met Sidney Bristow’s androgynous beauty as photographed by Yves Kortum for Bambi Magazine, in a successful…
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Soft nakedness in the comfort of home

Every photographer who embarks upon a black and white nude shoot does so with their own vision, leaving no two entirely alike. Alex Covo’s photo series featuring model Alianna Gilbert is distinguished in part by the comfortable mundaneness of the settings: there’s something just so beautiful in the homeliness of a kitchen shot, where Gilbert sits topless, hair casually flicked over, a closed macbook in…
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Naked, but sheathed in mystery

Just lying bare, Johanna is a mystery. A beautiful naked form with a frantic mane of hair and pale lips, her writhing poses inviting us to wonder what possessive spirit moves inside her. When made up – lips now deep red, body sheathed in the luxurious lace of a Lucian Matis dress, checking herself in the mirror of a luxury hotel bathroom – the mystery…
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10 most mind-blowingly sexy photoshoots of 2013 (NSFW)

2013 in review: 10 hotter-than-hot fashion shoots. We could just direct you to anything Edita Vilkeviciute did this year or anything Emily Ratajkowski did ever, but that wouldn’t be very challenging for us, or provide much variety to you. The bucketloads of pure sexy that we’ve featured in 2013 have given continued weight to the relationship between clothing and skin, between fashion and sensuality. There’s…

It’s time for you to meet her wild side (NSFW)

Perhaps Nicolas Le Forestier’s photo shoot for Bambi Magazine‘s latest issue comes across as being a little rough around the edges, considering that we are so used to spotting subtlety, delicacy and a certain grace amongst the elements to eventually build a poetic series of nude portraits. But there’s nothing wrong in revealing that beauty also hides a wild side, a raw spirit and a…
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Big hair, dangerous attitude

Infinitely more sexy and quite timeless despite the rough elements of bondage at play, there’s excitement and there’s gentleness in black and white photography. When talking about Remi Kozdra & Kasia Baczulis‘ work, you can count on it also dipping in a touch of glamour, blurring the lines between fantasy and art. Case in point: the gorgeous editorial starring Katya, photographed for Bambi Magazine‘s latest…
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Dare to bare: a free spirit that has nothing to hide (NSFW)

It only took Mayson’s free spirit, Eddie Chacon’s untamed artistic vision and a refreshing portrayal carrying those unrestrained 70s vibes in order to create another steaming editorial for Bambi Magazine‘s latest issue. Elements of freedom, a girl with nothing to hide and a touch of innocence collide in the sultry story that doesn’t appear to need neither a beginning, nor an end to fully captivate.
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