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What’s the word for physically-superior topless sun-bathed Goddess?

Finding words that do justice to models like Joyce Verheyen is the hardest part of my job, on a good day. Physically superior comes close, but at the same time seems unfair to the rest of us who don’t have Goddess breasts, feline eyes, and delicate small noses smattered with an even more delicate sprinkling of freckles. “Beautiful” captures some of it, but not all,…
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Swimming pools, bikini bodies & every summer daydream

The thing about saturated images of blue swimming pools dappled with golden sunlight is that they could be anywhere. They are the stuff of summertime fantasies so ripe with associations of warmth and glamour and relaxation that they start to feel real. Dream about such a scene enough, and you’ll find you can practically reach out into your own thought bubble and splash a hand…
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A midsummer night’s dream meets ’70s erotica

Take the flower garlands and tulle skirts and enchanted forest backdrops from any given production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, the ’70s film grain, lace bralets and Sapphic sensuality of Emmanuelle, and the leather harnesses and ear cuffs of the present day. What you end up with isn’t just a surprisingly neat fit, it’s a damn near perfect one.
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Her soul troubled, her eyes poisoned (NSFW)

It might have something to do with the sinister sounds echoing a mix between a church’s bell ring and an eerie wind chime strain, or the thought of a troubled girl walking the big city at night in search of her poison, but there’s definitely an unsettling impression accompanying every second of Chad Muller’s short film for Bambi Magazine. Upon following Johanna Stickland’s footsteps on…

Religious habits to lingerie, innocence to irreverence

There’s no way irreverence is accidental when your model is packing a crucifix in her black thigh high suspender stockings. No-one makes that kind of styling choice without considering that they might shock or offend, and then deciding to do it anyway. Same thing goes for a nun’s habit where the part of the habit that covers the torso is missing and your would-be-nun proves…
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Semi-nude, wholly chic

A few accessories and an unusually creative hairstyle or three turn what might otherwise be a beautiful black and white series of semi-nudes into a beautiful black an white series of ultra-chic semi-nudes. Stylist Gilles Clarisse adds a perspex cross necklace dripping with chains, an ice-clear pendant choker, a pair of glamorous oversized Roberto Cavalli sunglasses. Michael Marenco creates hair that’s smooth and sleek in…
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Object fetish of the future

Art turns any number of things into objects to be admired. Is the naked skin – when presented in cold, wax-like sheen and robotic poses, perfectly formed and yet made to look almost inhumanly so – art or mere sexual fetish? Really, that comes down to the response of the person viewing it. In the case of a shoot like Fulvio Maiani’s for the 14th…
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Perfect doe-eyed, sex-kitten beauty

Every shot in Juan Carlos Verona’s black and white shoot for Bambi’s 14th issue is gorgeous; but only one is perfect. It’s a photo of model Alice Rausch staring directly into the soul of the camera, hair mussed up into a ’60s style bouffant with a curtain of a fringe flicking away from her long-lashed eyes. It’s one of the shots where the naked body…
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Black lace and bare skin

The most sensual images are often the ones that don’t give it all away. Their erotic quality is in every line of the body from a slender neck to the roller-coaster curve at the small of the back. Their smoulder comes from a look in the eyes or the strands of messy hair that fall across the face in a partial curtain of beautiful obscurity.…
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Better than pretty: Claudia Dolez for Bambi Mag

The word pretty seems somehow inadequate in describing model Claudia Dolez, whose gorgeousness is amplified and intensified in some inexplicable way by the black and white photography of Lucie Bremeault. Dolez’s nose is delicately angular, with eyes as clear as crystal and brows as strong as 150 proof rum. Bremeault’s shoot – for issue 14 of Bambi Magazine – emanates sensuality and attitude, with styling…
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