Saskia De Brauw: directed virginity

A ‘first time’ for anything can be daunting. Be it a first bicycle ride, first kiss or a first stage performance. Model Saskia De Brauw lived through this very overwhelming notion as she made her debut before Mario Testino’s lens. Also being this Dutch beauty’s first fashion spread to be featured in British Vogue. Such breakthroughs often go unnoticed amongst the juggling riddle of fast-paced…
Saskia De Brauw: Vogue UK November '11
Saskia De Brauw: Vogue UK November '11
Saskia De Brauw: Vogue UK November '11
Saskia De Brauw: Vogue UK November '11
Saskia De Brauw: Vogue UK November '11
Saskia De Brauw: Vogue UK November '11
Saskia De Brauw: Vogue UK November '11
Saskia De Brauw: Vogue UK November '11

Caroline rides a bike

If there was a competition of the most fashionable mode of transport, hands down, a bicycle would be a clear winner. It’s an accessory that can be dirty, old, rusted, shiny, oversized, multi-coloured, but still be in style. This summer, we’ve seen everything. From magazine editors riding in heels to models swanning around town and adding fuel to the bicycle-with-a-basket stereotype. But who’s complaining? This…

Lara Stone does bicycle chic

Now I rarely ride bikes, but when I do, sporting bicycle chic unfortunately fails to make it into my list of priorities. First up, I attempt dodging the traffic, and next, it’s manoeuvring the pedals. If there’s a bell, I’ll usually be distracted by that, and as for a basket – well don’t get me started. I’m the one you’ll see with my maxi hitched…

How to ride a bike in heels

Two of my favourite trends for summer come together in one perfect photo: bicycle chique and the little lace dress. And what otherwise might be soft edge is rounded off courtesy of the dark contrasts of the Y3 hat and the Acne boots.

Win: 2 x $1,000 Bardot spending sprees!

Visit Bardot’s online store and you can easily get lost in the glorious labyrinth of clothes and accessories. A one-shouldered maxi dress for hot summer nights. A sophisticated blazer to smarten up any pair of jeans. A little chambray playsuit, perfect with a pair of espadrilles and a vintage bicycle. Whatever you desire in the way of affordable trend pieces, Bardot is an easy way…

Black bike and heels

There’s bicycle chic, and then there’s bicycle chic. This all black outfit with black leather cutaway heels certainly counts for the latter.

Blue bike blues

There’s nothing quite like a cute vintage-inspired bicycle to get you around – especially during spring 2011. Little else do you need bar a cute outfit to wear while riding it – like this rather effortless combination of navy pants and casual espadrilles.
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Hermes wish they’d done the leather work

Admittedly, there’s little here to do with fashion but a fashioniser’s day needs an injection of culture along with the multiple pieces of inspiration offered up. And today that means something that mixes our love of vintage along with our fixation on next year’s motorcycle fashion trend: it’s the world’s first motorcycle, it dates from 1885, and you just know that the likes of Hermes…

Three Indians: vintage motorcycle inspiration

There’s my fulfilled love for bicycle chic and then there’s my unfulfilled love for vintage motorcycles. A Triumph Speed Twin from the 1930s has long found itself on my ‘to buy’ list but is yet to find itself parked alongside my Audi. A vintage motorcycle, a shawl neck cardigan and long, open roads would all add up to a perfect experience, and one these gentlemen…