East meets West: at the Brioni presentation

Brioni‘s presentation at the Museo della Permanente in Milan was rained over by peaceful tinklings of oriental-inspired music and a perpetual spiral or cherry blossoms wafting earthwards – courtesy of several large digital screens. The calming surrounds probably did little to make life more comfortable for the models, who stood like wax figurines around a circular podium. In the time I was there, I saw…

30 stylish things not to live without this winter: Men

With winter taking the northern hemisphere into the realm of 2014 fashion trends, there’s no time like the holiday season to get all those stylish winter things – whether by adding them to your christmas wish list, or by gifting them to yourself. As for which stylish bits and pieces you need to get you through the cold months, here are some ideas, presented in…

Best party (masquerading as a presentation): Brioni

Admittedly I’m a little biased towards any event where interacting (read: shamelessly flirting) with the models isn’t frowned upon, but even for those who didn’t find themselves playing bocce with a bunch of dapper young men, Brioni’s spring 2013 presentation must have been a stand out. In most brands’ definitions a presentation involves models on a podium, but Brioni turned theirs into a swinging 20s-style…