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5 soft-grunge make-up looks to try this spring: video roundup

Doll-eyes to muted lips, smoked out plums to earthy browns, sculpted cheekbones to strong brows, there’s a lot of freshness accompanying the soft-grunge look for spring 2016. ’90s-inspired for sure, the make-up is made modern with subtle glam touches, such as a bold red lip, dewy skin, or a whisper of glitter. After the break, 5 soft-grunge make-up looks to try this spring.

This announcement from Burberry just changed the entire fashion game

The way we do fashion has long been broken. Luxury design houses set the trends by presenting their latest collections on the runway. Those collections aren’t available to consumers for months, during which time “fast fashion” retailers have had ample time to create their own versions and get them on shelves. On top of that, the collections are seasonally-based in a global world. Audiences from…

Perfect strangers giving in to steamy encounters (NSFW)

For Sheri Chiu sex-appeal comes naturally; even when fully dressed she still manages to somehow redirect all of your thoughts towards lust and attraction. Simple acts like breathing, walking down the street or staring into the unknown become fully charged of desire whenever she is involved. For Nicolas Guerin storytelling comes effortlessly, so when Sheri Chiu and Justin Passmore got to share the space in…
NSFW Photo gallery included.

7 ways to weatherproof your winter style

The cold season is all fun and games as long as the temperatures are nice enough to invite the use of just a few extra layers, and life is just about as good when your only concern in the morning is to grab the coziest piece of outerwear. But dreary weather is also part of the scenario, rain, snow and wind included. Instead of allowing…

21 coats you need in your life this winter

Basic or statement, fashionable or functional, colourless or colourful, plain or printed? Take your pick, the rest matters less because all of these attributes serve to shape the outerwear styles trending this winter. What’s truly important when seeking that one perfect coat for you instead is for it to be able to marry the practical with the stylish while complementing both your aesthetic and your…

7 awesome Halloween costume ideas for the fashion girl

7 utterly awesome Halloween costume ideas for the fashion girl Gone are the days when a Halloween costume implied throwing on as little as a pair of cat ears or a colourful wig for the festive mood to be set. Now, the gathering of inspiration and the putting together of that one killer outfit starts early and it is considered serious business. For the fashion…