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This is fashion: Camille Rowe naked

Things change, things remain the same. Nudity, sex, fashion: somehow it’s a triangle that these days fails to stand up without all three sides. That’s true for magazines like Purple Fashion, a magazine that often has just as much skin as fashion but that has the latter word in its title – leaving no doubt of what it considers itself to be. Purple fashion. So…
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Camille flaunts it: weekend distraction

Gratuitous? Probably. Unapologitically sexy? You bet. But also fun. Along with Terry Richardson‘s trademark raw sexuality and blatant use of nudity, what we get in this black and white series of snaps is the spark of model Camille Rowe‘s personality. Besides – she has it, so why not flaunt it?
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Tropical fruits: Camille Rowe

Floral prints have been fluttering in the backyard for a while now, but this summer, it’s fruits that have taken fashion’s centre stage. The cheeky editorial from the June 2011 issue of L’Officiel Ukraine captures fruits and fashion in their foremost element. Glossy photography by Mason Poole set against an abstract backdrop brings out an animation in every outfit. In these shots, it’s the bold…
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Naked models and cane chairs

We analyse and document fashion trends here at… trends like hairstyles, and hem lengths, and the proliferation of nudity in fashion shoots (like in this Jalouse shoot, featuring Camille Rowe-Pourcheresse). But every so often we can’t help but cross over into other types of trends. Like furniture trends. And taking into account Masha Novoselova back in 2009 to Rebecca Hillier a few months later,…
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Cerruti demure, not shy

There’s little doubt that, after viewing the preview, Cerruti’s spring 2011 campaign will be one of the more popular this season, likely to grace European billboards with ease while receiving numerous complaints in far less liberal cultures. The shot of a semi-nude Camille Rowe with her tousled bed hair, wearing only a pair of heels, briefs and a sheer shirt proves the Cerrutti girl refuses…
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