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Pirelli calendar 2015: see the photos (NSFW)

Oh, the Pirelli calendar. How many people in the world know more of the beautiful, semi-naked models and famed photographers that are drawn together annually than they do about the fact that Pirelli makes tires? The calendar is an event upon itself, and 2015 brings a fetish themed star-studded set of images photographed by Steven Meisel, and styled by Carine Roitfeld. Photos from the calendar…

The plus sized models of Vogue Italia

There’s much I could remark on and sensationalise around the weight debate when a photo shoot is entitled Belle Vere (Real Beauties) and features three plus sized models, but I shan’t go there. In one way that would only serve to further cement the chasm; and isn’t the point of a magazine’s use of a variety of body shapes and sizes that it should be…
NSFW Photo gallery included.