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Size is irrelevant: curvy Candice Huffine strips down for CR Fashion Book

As one of the most prominent names on the fashion industry list of top curvy models, American beauty Candice Huffine isn’t afraid to bear her sex appeal to the world. CR Fashion Book tapped her for a shoot in the latest issue, juxtaposing Huffine with the more slight (and more demurely dressed) Kitty Hayes. The shoot’s title? One Size Fits All.

9 gorgeous models who are defying industry body image standards

Size sexy and the perfect kind of curvy, these are the models who are fearlessly fighting to redefine the industry beauty standards. Proving once and for all that beauty is beyond size, these statuesque stunners challenge society’s perception of what’s acceptable in the industry and in the world, on a daily basis. A look at their gorgeous figures should suffice in making it clear that…

Pirelli calendar 2015: see the photos (NSFW)

Oh, the Pirelli calendar. How many people in the world know more of the beautiful, semi-naked models and famed photographers that are drawn together annually than they do about the fact that Pirelli makes tires? The calendar is an event upon itself, and 2015 brings a fetish themed star-studded set of images photographed by Steven Meisel, and styled by Carine Roitfeld. Photos from the calendar…

The plus sized models of Vogue Italia

There’s much I could remark on and sensationalise around the weight debate when a photo shoot is entitled Belle Vere (Real Beauties) and features three plus sized models, but I shan’t go there. In one way that would only serve to further cement the chasm; and isn’t the point of a magazine’s use of a variety of body shapes and sizes that it should be…
NSFW Photo gallery included.