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How to take selfies like a supermodel

In these days of Instagram, lessons on how to look great in photos are naturally popular. Today’s lesson teaches you how to take selfies just like a supermodel. Admittedly this video does more than a little cheating – featuring the likes of Karlie Kloss and Candice Swanepoel, it’s ‘taught’ by supermodels.

Cropped shirts for spring: how to make them work for you

An inevitable and welcome evolution of the crop top trend, the cropped shirt has a classic, sophisticated vibe that lends itself to both feminine and masculine interpretations. Merging the old with the utterly fresh and new, there are plenty of ways to style the cropped shirt and make it a statement this spring.

Top 10 models of 2013

Who ruled 2013, from the runway to the street? It's a tough call, but here are 10 picks for the best models of the year.

5 Victoria’s Secret Angel hair tutorials to try this weekend

Voluminous, bouncy, equally effortless and glamorous, Victoria’s Secret trademark hairstyle continues to entice and excite, regardless of time passing by, unconcerned with the number of seductive Angels that still hold onto their spot on the fabulous runway. Part of the glitter coated fantasy, the sexy, flowing waves can be easily obtained and smoothly transitioned from day to night, from a lived-in style, to a bombshell…

When things start heating up, blame Candice Swanepoel (video)

A pair of ripped jeans and a messy-meets-sexy hairstyle is all Candice Swanepoel needs in order to start heating things up. For her, it’s that simple. Designed to promote Candice’s personal site, the following video exudes of overheated lusciousness, sensual moves matching the magnetizing sounds of music, and the supermodel’s signature poses that although flawless, fail in bringing anything new to the table. But then…

Candice Swanepoel: the hottest Minnie Mouse you’ll ever see

The priceless subtitle of i-D magazine’s winter 2013 edition probably says just as much about the issue’s content as it does about Candice Swanepoel. More or less known as the fitspo supermodel, if ‘the body‘ moniker wasn’t already the property of Elle Macpherson it’s likely that you’d start seeing it liberally applied to Candice.

Candice Swanepoel gets to wear a $10 million bra

You can argue all you like that the Victoria’s Secret Fantasy Bra is a ludicrous idea in practice, but that doesn’t stop it from getting plenty of press. Gorgeous model + $10 million piece of underwear: the brand knows how to get headlines and does so annually. This year the honour of being dripped in jewels goes to Candice Swanepoel – her first time as…