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Bigger, thicker, better: the ultimate guide on how to rock strong eyebrows

They frame your eyes and determine your expression, but ever since getting bigger, thicker and better, bold eyebrows also grew to become a woman's most treasured beauty accessory. Switching from fall's call for drama to spring's longing for naturalness, the bold, strong brows for the upcoming seasons are all about mastering the highlighting effects meant to really showcase their beauty. Read on for the ultimate guide to eyebrows for 2014.

Been there done that? Are you excited for another Kate Moss for Topshop line?

Who springs to mind when you think of style icons for the current generation of fashion-loving youths? Cara Delevingne? Rihanna? Any style blogger or model with 100k+ instagram followers? Like it or not, Kate Moss is no longer that one holding that title. She is loved, she is iconic, she is mobbed in the street by photographers and fans (I should know, I nearly got…

Cara Delevingne for YSL Beauty

After Cara Delevingne‘s campaign of YSL Baby doll mascara, she now lands another YSL campaign: the fall 2013 campaign of the beauty brand. In this campaign, Cara shows off a tomboy hairstyle with her face made up with YSL while highlighting the glossy stain which is the main product for this campaign.

Cara Delevingne covers W Magazine

Cara Delevingne stars the fall fashion issue of W Magazine. Cara strikes a pose in a crop top and a slicked back wet look hairstyle while being labeled as a style rebel and the anti-role model which is the cover story of the September 2013 issue of the magazine.

Punk hairstyles: on trend for fall 2013

The punk rock movement of the ’70s is one that forever left its mark: not just as a music genre but also as a source of inspiration for fashion and art. The punk culture is one that cultivates creativity and breaking out from the mold; which is why a punk inspired fashion collection is usually seen as rebellious, one of a kind and edgy. For…

Cara Delevigne covers Vogue Japan

Cara Delevingne extends her fierceness over Asia and covers the September issue of Vogue Japan. The supermodel is clad in a gorgeous black Giorgio Armani dress, topped with a huge hair bun and cat eye sunglasses. So fierce, so beautiful, so Cara.