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10 of the best magazine covers of 2013

It has been a year filled with hundreds of stunning magazine covers, amongst which some consolidated careers, others became legendary and a few remained nothing but beautiful one-month wonders. What truly separates the best covers from all the rest is really hard to pinpoint, but the magazines to have made the 2013 top 10 are the perfect mix of inspiration, beauty and fashion, with a…

Carey Mulligan covers Harper’s Bazaar

Pretty in pink Prada, Carey Mulligan poses amoungst the cherry blossoms for the June 2013 issue of UK Harper’s Bazaar. The black and white subscriber’s cover features a shot of Carey laughing, while the more serious newsstand cover shows Prada’s oriental inspired pink silk piece in colour.

Gatsby film posters released

The question of whether Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby film would spur along a greater revival of 1920s fashion had, of late, become secondary to the question of whether the film would be released at all. Though slated for summer 2013 it was starting to feel like we’d never see DiCaprio’s turn as Gatsby on the big screen. Seemingly things are now on track for…

If Carey Mulligan were James Bond… this is what she might look like

In androgynous slicked hair and a Miu Miu suit – not to mention the view down a circular tunnel (albeit one made of clear plastic, not the barrel of a gun) – you could mistake Carey Mulligan for a female James Bond. Shot by Craig McDean for AnOther Magazine’s fall 2012/13 issue, you can also see Mulligan’s cover after the break.