12 street style moments from Paris, day 4

With backdrops like Paris’ Tuileries, the incredible street style moments just roll in by the dozen. As is generally the case right now, yesterday’s array of outfits included crop tops and sneakers and bold prints and fringing. And don’t such things make for alluring photographs? After the break, 12 street style moments from Paris Fashion Week, day 4.

8 gorgeous beauty looks from the Milan runways

The minimal, barely-there makeup looks abounded on the Milan Fashion Week (MFW) runways as if to emphasize bare beauty as the major trend expected to rule come spring 2015. Surrounded by a sea of glossy lips and dewy complexions that were rounded off, at most, with a single coat of mascara, some beauty looks chose to build upon the minimal, while others took things in…

Home is where the body bares it all (NSFW)

Home, ease, comfort, intimacy: a simple word paving way for others just as meaningful, a word describing what is sometimes hidden to the naked eye and so obvious to the heart, mind and soul. All about contentment, about unambiguous beauty, about the fine thread twisting together a celebrated familiarity with a laid-back sensuality, Simon Everiss‘ black and white photo shoot is dreamy and then some.
NSFW Photo gallery included.

Thrice the beauty

In the New York summer, the streets during fashion week are a tangle of long tanned limbs and effortless off duty model outfits. Case in point: this shot of three natural beauties pausing for a photo outside one of the shows.

Gothic makeup: how to rock it for fall 2014

The Gothic beauty trend that emerged on the fall 2014 runways feels like an open invitation to take on what is a beautiful fantasy and make it work within the realms of reality. Dark and dramatic, seductive and mysterious, sexy and unconventional, the sweetly feminine beauty look hiding an eerie edge can be made to complement countless characters with something as a simple as a…

5 wet look hair tutorials to try this fall: video roundup

If you’re eager to start sporting one of the hottest hair trends for fall / winter 2014, there’s no time like the present to begin building up the inspiration. Half wet, half dry, the hairstyles we are about to introduce you are sure to carry you from day to night looking edgy, sexy and cool this autumn. And seeing how the hair dominates the look,…

What to wear to the beach: 11 outfit ideas

The perfect beach attire should be built upon a precise mix of femininity and comfort, of lightweight fabrics and clean cuts, of chic silhouettes, bold colours and fun prints. It should also feel easy, and just the right amount of sexy without letting go of its elemental delicacy. But above anything else, the ideal beach outfit should look effortless, like not much thought has been…

Men’s fall 2014 trend: skinny silhouettes

In many ways the men’s skinny silhouettes imagined for fall 2014 make for a perfect trend: they’re clean, sharp, flattering and cool enough to make a style statement without a lot of added features, without much effort being involved. With the menswear look changing ever so slowly, it doesn’t come as a surprise that when it does embrace a shift in appearance, the new silhouette…
Keeping it slim F/W '14
Keeping it slim F/W '14
Keeping it slim F/W '14
Keeping it slim F/W '14
Keeping it slim F/W '14
Keeping it slim F/W '14
Keeping it slim F/W '14
Keeping it slim F/W '14