Hair inspiration of the day: get twisting with these ’90s inspired rope braids

Whether it’s for a hot summer day that you’re looking to get inspired, or perhaps a trip to the beach that requires a super-awesome but equally practical style, Ginta Lapina’s ‘90s-influenced rope braids are very likely to satisfy your creative cravings in the hair department. Done on super-sleek, wet-hair and tied with red cord, this look is the epitome of easy-breezy, cool summer styling, all…

Hair inspiration of the day: Gigi Hadid’s Bardot-inspired ‘do

Gigi Hadid. Vogue. Need we say more? Whenever the super muse graces the pages of the emblematic fashion magazine, magic happens, and usually in more than one sense of the word. And that magic often translates to copious amounts of inspiration – beauty to hair to flawless style the below photograph nails that entire summer romance allure. But it’s the Bardot-inspired, textured half-up do paired…

Style inspiration of the day: the airy metallic slip

If we were to be completely honest, anything and everything Sara Sampaio would flaunt barefooted around the beach, on and off camera, could at some point serve as inspiration for the summer, but it’s the way her weightless metallic slip dress catches the wind and dances with the waves that makes this particular outfit a total goal for the season. Sandals to sneakers, layered necklaces…

5 dramatic evening beauty looks to rock this spring

Fresh, luminous skin and soft pastels aside, spring beauty is also known to mark a return to bold splashes of colour, to unexpected juxtapositions and make-up looks eager to step outside the boundaries. Bearing nothing ordinary about them, the looks making this weekend’s video roundup are all about that little extra something. That’s why it would be best to save them for the night. After…

Style inspiration of the day: Valentino’s summer goddesses

Sheer, effortlessly draped, veiling their bodies in translucent fantasies, moving as they are alive: these are Valentino’s otherworldly creations, worthy of a goddess, inevitably getting you dreaming about a summer in white. Natural curls, strokes of gold eye shadow and luminous skin pay compliment to the light and airy dresses, accessorized with gilded body chains and matching ankle bracelets. The painterly photograph is lensed by…

The elegant way to wear a crop top: at ModaLisboa

The fact that we’ve seen quite the fair share of midriff-bearing tops take over the streets during the past seasons, did nothing to diminish our love for the subtle-sultriness of the look. Quite the opposite, as nothing catches out eyes faster than a fresh way to rock the crop, now that spring has finally settled over the Northern hemisphere. Spotted at ModaLisboa, a sky-blue, ruffled…

15 of the best fashion quotes of all time

Style icons, eternal muses, fashion designers – they are the ultimate authority when it comes to timeless chic, and their words, aiming to promote sophistication, good taste as well as brainpower and confidence, are often just as beautiful and poetic as the attitude-filled aesthetics themselves. So what better way to borrow from the fashion connoisseurs’ infinite pool of knowledge then by allowing their enduring words…

Magic that goes on by the lake

She’s a free-spirited beauty, a nymph of sorts leaving traces of magic wherever she goes. A dark romance flourishes where her oxblood lips meet the purity of white lace and the lavishness of burnt velvet, where tight corsets delicately accent her delicate frame, where red roses bloom on sheer veils as black as the night. Apuje Kalu is guilty of the dark yet utter-feminine styling…
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19 pairs of wedding shoes that will wow you

The perfect bridal accessory doesn’t have to steal from the dress, it has to add to it in ways that will only enhance the magic, just like a perfect pair of wedding shoes doesn’t have to compete for attention but it has to look showstopping and beautiful nonetheless. Because no detail’s too little on such occasion. From the glitter-washed to the luxuriously ornate, from the…