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5 summery make-up looks to try right now

There are make-up looks fitted for the hot season, looks that hint to its effortless feel, and in a special category all together, live those summery looks that speak of the sunny-season-magic, loud and clear. The latter category is what makes the theme for this weekend’s beauty video round-up: make-up looks that epitomize summer trends, either through their use of bold colours, bronze finishes, bright…

5 “eyes that pop” make-up looks to try this spring

There are days that don’t call for more than a pair of “eyes that pop” to make-up for the most gorgeous of looks. Be it a glittery eyeliner, a smoky eye in a dashing shade, or just a hint of a vibrant hue placed somewhere strategically, these simple tricks will definitely put an imprint on your spring beauty repertoire. Read on after the break, to…

The best kind of sexy-sport pin-up girl (NSFW)

The babe-in-a-boxing-ring cliche is well worn in the space where fashion and sex overlap. Model in bra and boxing gloves puts on a pretense of implausable toughness while strategically smeared with dirt and sweat, giving girls cause to aspire and men cause to perspire. Generally, she’s more Victoria’s Secret Angel than Ronda Rousey. But Alberto Bonardi isn’t just any photographer, and Bambi isn’t just any…
NSFW Photo gallery included.

City girl glam

Just as beautiful night sights of big cities slide into the background, the world within an arm’s length away, her glamorous outfits come into view only to disappear again, the mood ceaselessly changing, colours, fabrics, silhouettes endlessly morphing, going from bold to sexy, and from sexy to sleek, in just instants. What never changes is her desire to take back the night dressed in pure…
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City Glam by Dimitri Burtsev
City Glam by Dimitri Burtsev
City Glam by Dimitri Burtsev
City Glam by Dimitri Burtsev
City Glam by Dimitri Burtsev
City Glam by Dimitri Burtsev
City Glam by Dimitri Burtsev
City Glam by Dimitri Burtsev

5 romantic hairstyles to try for Valentine’s Day

This weekend’s video round-up is made out of these romantic and super-feminine hairstyles that are just the thing to master before Valentine’s Day. They’re not complicated, nor fussy, instead they’re subtle and pretty, and once added to your hair repertoire they will make just as much sense for dinner dates, parties, or any kind of celebrations that will require you to look uber-chic. Pair them…

5 gorgeous red lip beauty looks to try right now

We all love a gorgeous red lip and whether we use it to add a touch of colour to an otherwise fresh and minimal make-up look, or to ump up the drama for the evening, there’s something about it that makes it absolutely perfect for countless occasions. With Valentine’s Day around the corner and the weekend upon us, you will want to try and perfect…

10 skincare products every girl should have on her shelf

It’s true what they say, natural beauty starts with a glowing complexion. And while a balanced diet and the drinking of extra water may serve as foundation for a beautiful, healthy skin, getting that ultimate radiant glow is also a matter of putting together the ideal day-to-nigh skincare routine for you. The do’s and don’ts for better skin are many seeing how skincare is so…