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5 bold brows beauty looks to try this summer

If you worked on perfecting them this past fall and winter, you’ll be happy to know that the bold, thick brows are just as relevant as a makeup trend for summer 2014. This season they are framing nude eyes and looking amazingly beautiful when paired to a bold lip colour. That, if you are all about simplifying your makeup routine, if not, you can still…

The Narnia effect: in Paris

Glitter and cat-eye liner: it’s a power-packing combination that came together in Chanel’s sparkling eye makeup look from the fashion house’s most recent couture show. If you thought it would only work with airy whites and pastels, here’s another off-duty model sporting the makeup post show. Doesn’t it work oddly well with the wintery, furry brown jacket and knit scarf? It’s all a bit snow…

5 glossy eye beauty looks to try this weekend

There’s something about the glossy eyes, in all of their beautiful spring / summer 2014 interpretations, that makes them almost impossible to resist. Slick, sexy and decidedly sophisticated they are the perfect addition to a hot summer’s repertoire of beauty looks. From chocolate brown to modern takes on the classic smoky eyes, the glossy finish takes over for one more season. Get ready to experiment…

Sexiness in strength: Amandine

Strength is sexiness, and sometimes what’s revealed by a pair of beautifully tailored pants, by a tiny anchor tattoo etched onto a delicate wrist, by a gaze beaming out from behind the curtain of a smokey, glitter covered lid, is more powerful than the naked body alone. Of course, it depends on who’s wearing the pants, and who’s soul is shining out from under the…
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5 double winged eyeliner beauty looks to try this spring

Seeing how the graphic eyes morphed into a full statement as part of spring 2014 make-up trend‘s reimagining of the classic cat eye, the double winged eyeliner couldn’t have missed from this season’s beauty book. As a result, the new look is sophisticated, modern, versatile, while also managing to maintain its signature edginess. Either you will choose to go all black, to add a pop of…

A wave of gorgeous make-up inspiration

Perhaps it’s because the eyes have the power to convey an abundance of allusive thoughts with as much as a single glance, that they were chosen to act as the core of spring 2014′s make-up trends. Teasing and seducing like the ultimate femme fatale she embodies, her gorgeous hazel eyes turned a weapon of choice, Alex Cant looks breathtakingly beautiful as photographed by Jessica Horewood.
Minx by Jessica Horewood
Minx by Jessica Horewood
Minx by Jessica Horewood
Minx by Jessica Horewood
Minx by Jessica Horewood
Minx by Jessica Horewood

5 pastel beauty looks to try this spring

Once spring settles comfortably in the northern hemisphere, the use of pastels unfolds to both paint delicate garments and to build spring make-up looks defined by a soft femininity. From light lavender to dusted pink, peach, coral and baby blue, get ready to incorporate these subtle tones in fresh beauty looks that will have you glowing this season. Find the five tutorials to master this…

How to: gorgeous white crystalled glitter eyes

The spring 2014 make-up trends might have just offered us one of the prettiest and most versatile takes on editorial beauty in the guise of sparkling glitter, for looks that are imagined to transition beautifully from day to night. Merging together three of this season’s hottest trends, the beauty look at Karla Spetic’s spring / summer 2015 presentation during Australian fashion week (MBFWA) made the…