chad muller


Naked, but sheathed in mystery

Just lying bare, Johanna is a mystery. A beautiful naked form with a frantic mane of hair and pale lips, her writhing poses inviting us to wonder what possessive spirit moves inside her. When made up – lips now deep red, body sheathed in the luxurious lace of a Lucian Matis dress, checking herself in the mirror of a luxury hotel bathroom – the mystery…
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Her soul troubled, her eyes poisoned (NSFW)

It might have something to do with the sinister sounds echoing a mix between a church’s bell ring and an eerie wind chime strain, or the thought of a troubled girl walking the big city at night in search of her poison, but there’s definitely an unsettling impression accompanying every second of Chad Muller’s short film for Bambi Magazine. Upon following Johanna Stickland’s footsteps on…

Death by fashion: the fall of Eve

There’s no glaring religious symbolism in Chad Muller’s shoot; no cunning serpent or wise gnarled tree shining with tantalising globes of fruit. Nothing, in fact, to mark it as a loose retelling of the Genesis story bar for the little clue he drops in the title: Eve. Chad’s images from the latest issue of Bambi Magazine are a selection from the Eve series, which was…
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Revealing more than nakedness

When you take all else away, when you remove all clothing and accessories, you’re reminded that beauty starts at the body. The art of nude portraiture has an innate appreciation of that fact: a fine art nude doesn’t necessarily capture something erotic or sexual but instead gets to the very essence of a person. In the absence of styling, our skin is the thing that…
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20 models, unquantifiable beauty

If John Ciamillo’s photo series for issue IX of Bambi Magazine seems like an eclectic mix, that’s probably because it is. The shoot features no less than 20 models and while you can search hard for a narrative, you won’t find one. In fact no narrative is needed. Instead it’s like a chocolate box sampler of Ciamillo’s portraiture works; a set of seemingly unrelated images…
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A seaside farewell

This is one of the last beach shoots Chad Muller intends to do. “I’ve been shooting fashion outdoors and on beaches for decades,” he explains. Back then, fashion was mostly shot in studios, and beach shoots involved either nudes or bikinis. “I had the idea to shoot fashion where people would normally shoot nudes or bathing suits,” says Muller. But as others have caught up…
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