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29 of the best model instagram photos from Coachella

Whether you were amongst those taking in the scene and dancing the night away, amongst those live streaming the event at home and singing along your favorite songs, or those daydreaming about the desert, the sun and the festival fun, you will love living (or reliving) Coachella’s opening weekend as seen through the eyes of the boho-chic model clique who took over California. With every…

5 sexy & fashionable music videos to watch this weekend

Music and fashion, fashion and music, one could easily argue these are in fact the two sides of the same coin. Colliding, or coming together, influencing each other or filling each other’s voids, connecting to send a message or perhaps to fully enrich a statement, it is clear that one is not the same without the other. After the break, discover 5 music clips that…

5 videos to watch this weekend: with Cara Delevingne, Aline Weber & more

Remember Cara Delevingne’s ’60s icons shoot for Vogue China? Well, there’s a video for that. There’s also a video of Aline Weber doing her fierce model thing out in the sand dunes for Vogue Italia, a beachside film showing Hopeless Lingerie’s latest collection, and two films that take on Blow Up style photographer characters shooting their gorgeous model subjects: one sexy (shot by Ellen Von…

How to get Cara Delevingne’s punk braided hairstyle

Interpreting the theme of punk can yield a great many different looks – as this year’s Met Gala proved. Cara Delevingne‘s outfit of a studded Burberry dress wasn’t the most extreme, but it did stick in the mind for being the kind of look any girl would want to make her own. And much of the effect also came down to her smokey eyes, studded…

Lagerfeld, Ford, Slimane & Dolce: Renaissance men or tyrants?

There’s a snowballing trend in recent fashion seasons, one that might prove to be a hurdle for photographers. Photographers are getting used to these hurdles: in the middle of a global financial crisis, cutting the photographer from a business’ yearly expenses may appear a fail safe solution. And with programs such as Instagram, everyone’s a photographer. Fashion designers are adding yet another string to their…

Chanel Iman for XOXO

We love a bit of bouffant hair and Chanel Iman’s beehive is no exception. She stars on the cover of the latest XOXO Magazine.

Yves Saint Laurent to change name

Hedi Slimane, Yves Saint Laurent’s newly-appointed creative director, has provoked a public outcry when, keen to “thrust Saint Laurent into a new era modern”, he announced the decision to remove the founder of the brand’s first name from the famous moniker. The French house will be rebranded Saint Laurent Paris, although the iconic YSL logo will remain the same. This move, however daring, is not uncommon as the majority of…

Breathing life into Jan Ahlgren (video)

There are fashion films as cinematic endeavour and then there are those whose purpose it is the breathe life into clothing as opposed to constructing a narrative. For Swedish fashion house Jan Ahlgren, London based photographer John Wright has crafted the latter.

Chanel Iman & sexual escapades (video)

Your lover is cheating on you. And it’s not just a suspicion, not just jealousy talking. Through the crack in a door way the affair plays out before your eyes. You can see her legs wrapped around him. You can see their passion. The question is what do you do next?