6 times supermodels made headlines with scandalous behavior

Style icons, muses, it-girls, they’re all that for sure, but at the same there’s more than meets the eye when it comes to your favorite supermodels. When the curtain falls, when the spotlights fade and the glamour vanishes, the women known to have it all are equally predisposed to erratic behaviors, to scandalous acts, to slip-ups and mistakes. Stories like the one reporting that Kate…

12 secrets to dressing like an ‘it’ girl

Dressing for the everyday should never get to turn into a dull affair, not when putting your imagination at work is granted to take your looks to the next level. And with the on-point outfits comes a brand new status, that of the it girl, the total babe always ready to inspire, her outfits styled to perfection, her confidence radiating through her every pore, her…

29 of the best model instagram photos from Coachella

Whether you were amongst those taking in the scene and dancing the night away, amongst those live streaming the event at home and singing along your favorite songs, or those daydreaming about the desert, the sun and the festival fun, you will love living (or reliving) Coachella’s opening weekend as seen through the eyes of the boho-chic model clique who took over California. With every…