5 sexy & fashionable music videos to watch this weekend

Music and fashion, fashion and music, one could easily argue these are in fact the two sides of the same coin. Colliding, or coming together, influencing each other or filling each other’s voids, connecting to send a message or perhaps to fully enrich a statement, it is clear that one is not the same without the other. After the break, discover 5 music clips that…

Tuck it in: a winter 2014 hair trend

We’re willing to put a lot of effort into looking great at all times, regardless if we’re talking the small details, or the more significant of the fashion statements. But in the end, what we’re all truly seeking is that effortless appeal and that nonchalance that make women rise like modern goddesses, beautiful beyond the doubt, but never carrying the signs of an apparent struggle.…

25 of the best street style looks of 2013

What makes an outfit catch the eye? It might be the colour, the luxuriousness, the body underneath or the attitude of the person wearing it. It might be super-simple and minimalist chic, it might be a tornado of clashing prints effortlessly thrown together. During the fashion week seasons, it might even go a step further into the wildly avant garde. From Elena Perminova’s gladiator heels…

4 sparkling holiday make up looks & how to get them

Shimmer, glitter and shine: not your everyday choice of makeup for sure, but once the Holiday season approaches, a touch of sparkle goes a long way. Channeling the festive spirit of the Holidays, each and every one of the four gorgeous beauty looks created by Viktorija Bowers ( and photographed by Michael David Adams for GloriaGlam Magazine, can help bring out your inner fairy. Trust the…
Marija Piskac by Michael David Adams
Marija Piskac by Michael David Adams
Marija Piskac by Michael David Adams
Marija Piskac by Michael David Adams
Marija Piskac by Michael David Adams

Weekend watch: “The Return” by Karl Lagerfeld

Imagined, written and directed by Karl Lagerfeld, “The Return” focuses on retelling the story of Chanel’s Haute Couture re-opening back in 1954, after a fifteen year hiatus following the WWII. Starring Geraldine Chaplin as Gabrielle Chanel, the short film focuses on picturing the deciding steps that eventually shaped the legend of the French designer forever. For the Chanel fans and the fashion enthusiasts alike, the…

Spring 2014 makeup trends & tutorials

The spring / summer 2014 fashion trends are just one part of the change in season, and as our wardrobes change so too do our hairstyles and beauty looks. The spring runways were filled with a variety of makeup trends: from bright, optimistic summer lipsticks to dark kohl lined eyes, from the retro to the grunge. After the break, a round-up of the key trends…

More of Miranda Kerr and the barely-there Chanel bikini

Unsurprisingly, it’s the itsy bitsy teenie weenie Chanel logo print bikini Miranda Kerr was wearing in the i-D Magazine A-Z video that the internet has become largely fixated on. Excellent promotion work, i-D: though it barely holds to the definition of a bikini, that’s half of the appeal. The other half being, of course, Kerr’s beautiful body. Here are a few more photos of Kerr…

Saskia de Brauw goes boyish and blonde

Clad in Chanel, top model Saskia de Brauw appears on the cover of the December 2013 issue of Marie Claire Netherlands. The Dutch beauty further shows off the versatility of her beauty in a hair colour change – her boyish crop taking a bleached blonde turn.