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The best shoes to wear with flares

The resurgence of the flared pant is the one sure sign that the ’70s are back, and back in a big way. The flattering silhouette can be spotted everywhere from the runways to the streets, meaning that at one point or another you’re most likely going to cave in and try it for yourself, that if you haven’t already. Although in the past, comfort came…

The ultimate accessory gift guide for every type of girl

Accessories for every type of girl. The ultimate Christmas list should consist of gifts for every special woman in your life, and shopping for them it’s easiest when you know exactly what they’re into. We’ve all got the eternal party girl, the minimalist chic or the feminine tomboy amongst out list of friends and finding the perfect gift for each and every one of them…

Burberry’s literary nomads: spring 2015 men’s

Whenever you fall into the trap of believing something must be wholly new to be brilliant, you need only glance in Christopher Bailey’s direction to be swayed otherwise. In a world where reshaping existing ideas can be the most successful kind of brilliance, Bailey is surely King. Last season’s cartography paved a way to calligraphy. You could almost see the forebearer of the book cover…

10 utterly amazing evening clutches

Even if it’s no longer summer in your part of the world, it doesn’t mean that the fashionable evenings are anywhere near reaching an end. During fall, the late hours morph into whimsical celebrations, as all things find their shine under a warmer light. Small in size, but powerful when it comes to style, the evening clutches for fall 2013 are closer to be considered…

The best women’s bags for spring

The bag you carry for spring can help you transition effortlessly into the new season, transforming your every outfit. From striped to floral to metallic or transparent, this season's bags can be broken down into key themes that excite and enchant.

Smoking slippers: power flats inspired by classic menswear

In terms of fashion, it’s pretty safe to assume that we have reached a point where we can finally relax, where comfort and luxury come as one big must rather than representing another strike in a series of smart compromises. These days anything inspired by classic menswear becomes practically irresistible for the female wardrobe. The smoking slippers make no exception as they continue their outbreak…

Sweet like candy: Doina Ciobanu

Skirt suits – especially the kind that fall demurely below the knee – are not something you normally think of as appealing to the young and chic. But a quirky print can furnish even the most serious of silhouettes with a punch line, setting a balance of sophistication and youthful fun. The perfect example? Style blogger Doina Ciobanu wearing a matching set of high waisted…

6 quirky clutches to appeal to your every persona

There are pieces that appeal, and then there are pieces that appeal to the individual you. Something that speaks to the persona you want to take on today. For the vintage lover, the pleasure seeker, the urbanite... Picking up a quirky, whimsical clutch which oozes personality is the way to transform your outfit and show the world who you are. Here 6 top picks for quirky cool clutches.

4 ways to wear a classic white shirt

It goes without saying that every girl owns, or at least must own, one good white classic shirt. In conclusion to a lifetime experience of dressing up, the simpler the shirt is, the more versatile it becomes, since you can style it around in multiple ways in order to change its look. Read on to discover how to wear the same shirt in 4 different…

Rachel Comey’s Pegasus: daily discovery

In the coming spring we’re in for a flock of shoes inspired by the myth of Mercury’s mode of transport. Rachel Comey’s entry, the Pegasus, is not as elaborate as the winged shoe offered by Alexander McQueen nor as subtle as Charlotte Olympia’s Mercury heels. Though it is the first winged clog we’ve seen to date.