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19 pairs of wedding shoes that will wow you

The perfect bridal accessory doesn’t have to steal from the dress, it has to add to it in ways that will only enhance the magic, just like a perfect pair of wedding shoes doesn’t have to compete for attention but it has to look showstopping and beautiful nonetheless. Because no detail’s too little on such occasion. From the glitter-washed to the luxuriously ornate, from the…

Are you ready for this jelly? Bright, bold, PVC for summer

If it’s so glossy you want to lick it and so rain-proof it would survive the rainiest of music festivals, than you can bet it’s on the radar in 2014. Those clear plastic macs, PVC skirts and transparent jelly shoes are just so eye-catching – and all the more so in bold primary colours. Anna Ewers in the latest issue of Vogue Paris is the…

5 ways to style the slip dress this summer

It’s the new take on the 1990s that brought back the slip dress, turning its distinctly minimal look and feel into a staple for the summer of 2014. Short, long, fitted or floaty, the slip dress received many interpretations, but it’s the simple silhouette and skinny spaghetti straps that prevail in assuring you’ll be sporting a clean, chic look this season. If you plan on…

Pointy flats: yes, they’re back for spring 2014

Over the past decades, the pointed flats have come and gone numerous times, their most memorable appearances being closely related to the iconic Audrey Hepburn gifting them with a brand new identity in the 1950s-60s, and their dominating the 1980s fashion scene once again, barring the same poignant attitude. The last couple of years may have announced the return of the pointed flats in a…

The head-turning, statement-making little black dress

The slit that rises up the thighs. The short hem. The way the the sheer layer responds to the wind and movement thus breathing life into the dress. The way statement after statement are layered into this one, little black dress. The stone balcony. The palm trees beyond it. The water, and all the yachts moored in it, beyond those same trees. All of these…
Doina Ciobanu in Deseo from Jessica Choay S/S '14
Doina Ciobanu in Deseo from Jessica Choay S/S '14
Doina Ciobanu in Deseo from Jessica Choay S/S '14
Doina Ciobanu in Deseo from Jessica Choay S/S '14
Doina Ciobanu in Deseo from Jessica Choay S/S '14
Doina Ciobanu in Deseo from Jessica Choay S/S '14
Doina Ciobanu in Deseo from Jessica Choay S/S '14
Doina Ciobanu in Deseo from Jessica Choay S/S '14

Smoking slippers: power flats inspired by classic menswear

In terms of fashion, it’s pretty safe to assume that we have reached a point where we can finally relax, where comfort and luxury come as one big must rather than representing another strike in a series of smart compromises. These days anything inspired by classic menswear becomes practically irresistible for the female wardrobe. The smoking slippers make no exception as they continue their outbreak…

4 ways to wear a classic white shirt

It goes without saying that every girl owns, or at least must own, one good white classic shirt. In conclusion to a lifetime experience of dressing up, the simpler the shirt is, the more versatile it becomes, since you can style it around in multiple ways in order to change its look. Read on to discover how to wear the same shirt in 4 different…

Abbey Lee & others do Jiu-Jitsu: weekend watch

What do Sigmund Freud, Christian Louboutin, Abbey Lee Kershaw and Nick Cave have in common? Far from your typical fashion film, Submission takes on a documentary format and puts it on the wrestling mat. The Jiu-Jitsu sparring models (Antonia Campbell Hughes, Abbey Lee Kershaw, Susie Bick, Phyllis Wang and Olympia Campbell) wear a collection of colourful form-fitting pieces by Bella Freud. In the Martina Amati-directed…

Fashion and copyright backfire

Copyright and fashion is a murky area, one tackled by many a great mind with little headway on the issue actually being made. It today transpires that it’s not only a murky area, but also one that can be dangerous for fashion houses to pursue. Take the case of Louboutin vs Yves Saint Laurent, a case currently before the courts that sees the former accusing…