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Cintia Dicker wears a bikini for winter

The sun is always shining somewhere. Certainly not where I happen to be writing this from – where the snow insists on falling despite it, theoretically, being spring time – but perhaps in Brazil, from where label Agua de Coco hails. In fact, if you were to judge by this campaign starring adorable redhead Cintia Dicker, the sun is always shining in Brazil. Instent on…

Wildfox makes Grandma dressing youthful… as only Wildfox could

Could there be anything more startlingly contradictory than a campaign that channels granny stereotypes – replete with bingo games, knitting needles, and grey-purple hair rinse – and yet manages to be nothing less than completely, utterly, uncompromisingly youthful? If someone were to pull it off, it would have to be Wildfox. And while it’s maybe not as enamouring as Cintia Dicker’s Bond Girl campaign it…

Cintia Dicker is your next James Bond girl

Regardless of whether there’s a new Bond film on the horizon or not, the appeal of the ’60s bombshell Bond Girl simply never dies. When there is a new instalment due to hit screens we simply have a good excuse to revisit the nostalgia of the 1960s spy genre with even more fervour than usual. Enter the new campaign from Wildfox Swim, brilliantly timed to…

Cintia Dicker dances. Victoria’s Secret should watch.

As much as I may want to hate Cintia Dicker for her perfect figure and covetable sprinkling of freckles, it’s simply not possible. No amount of envy is a match for the utter cuteness she exudes, and this adorable video campaign for American Eagle Outfitters lingerie line uses her likability with full force. A lesson for Victoria’s Secret if ever there was one: having some…

Retro with Bebe

While I can’t much vouch for the quality of Bebe’s pieces, having not seen this collection in person, their spring 2011 campaign does have a few things going for it. Firstly it stars Cintia Dicker, Cintia Dicker, and Cintia Dicker (unfortunately for the redhead lovers of the world they’re Photoshop clones not physical ones). Secondly the colours and cuts lend the collection a feeling of…
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Cintia Dicker rocks socks

Redhead model du jour Cintia Dicker is probably finding it hard to pedal in those heels, but in thigh high socks like those we doubt anyone really cares. The addition of the boyfriend blazer does help to tone down the look. The pictorial is from Marie Claire France’s September 2010 issue.

Cintia Dicker, beach bunny

Last we saw redhead model Cintia Dicker she was embracing nudity in fashion, as well as a fluffy little bunny rabbit, in a shoot for Gravure. Similarly au naturale, only in a sunny beach setting, comes this pictorial of Cintia for Marie Claire France’s August 2010 issue.
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