Bondage, two babes in lingerie, and one amazing hotel room

You know that old line: Location, location, location. It can be as true for photoshoots as for where to pop up the latest Starbucks franchise. Location matters, but so, too, does making the absolute best use of it. In some unnamed hotel space that pits opulent furnishings against sanded back hardwood floors and provincial cabinets, Yves Kortum’s shoot for Bambi Magazine issue XVI brings the…
NSFW Photo gallery included.

Haizhen Wang: houndstooth & leather

With the rain unfairly persisting outside the London fashion week tents, Haizhen Wang’s structured coats and tailored pants seemed all the more appealing. With the occasional fur detail or high funnelled neck, they looked akin to warm cocoons – perfectly appropriate yet stylish for the London weather. Wang’s signature masculine-feminine aesthetic this season brought bold houndstooth prints, unique cuts, and some fringed leather neckpieces that…

6 simple hair tricks that will change your morning routine

Mornings are usually defined by all those crazy moments spent trying to save time either because you’re already running late, or simply because you prefer to spend a few extra minutes in bed to the detriment of a complex beauty routine. But getting out the door faster and looking completely put together is a matter of mastering a few easy hair tricks that promise to…

Mylar: Another stunning film promoting “Revolution”

So beautiful that it can easily transcend into the surreal, Steven Sebring’s “Mylar” film features Coco Rocha wearing another one of Malgorzata Dudek’s stunning designs. Shot in black and white and ingrained with a nostalgic feel that transports you decades and decades back in time, the film is dreamlike in all of its bathed in sparkles simplicity, but revolutionary nonetheless. Mylar was one of two…

The Coco rage becomes the game changer (video)

Sometimes even the most random bits striving to build a story align so beautifully, that it becomes nearly impossible not to think that in the end, it was all meant to be. Upon thinking about Malgorzata Dudek dramatic ‘Arachne’ collection, Coco Rocha’s fearless attitude appears to be the only one truly capable of augmenting its beauty, while also embodying its tremendous levels of boldness. Steven…

Tangerine dream: how to get Rag & Bone’s eye-popping beauty look

Orange lips are all over the runways of the spring / summer 2014 fashion shows. This bold and gorgeous lip colour will surely brighten up anyone’s day – take a look at the tangerine lip look at the Rag & Bone show. Revlon Global Artistic Director Gucci Westman knew that a pop of color goes a long way which is why she deviated from the…

Call it controversial, but you might just be captivated

To the religious, or at least the supersticious, partaking in any activity other than revered silence while standing over the bones of the dead may seem disrespectful or… inconsiderate. You wouldn’t wish to disturb the sleepers or unsettle the calm dusts of their memories. Still, one has to admit that cemeteries make for beautiful backdrops – this one both in spite of the crosses that…
Teale by Zoe Economides
Teale by Zoe Economides
Teale by Zoe Economides
Teale by Zoe Economides
Teale by Zoe Economides
Teale by Zoe Economides
Teale by Zoe Economides
Teale by Zoe Economides