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Mylar: Another stunning film promoting “Revolution”

So beautiful that it can easily transcend into the surreal, Steven Sebring’s “Mylar” film features Coco Rocha wearing another one of Malgorzata Dudek’s stunning designs. Shot in black and white and ingrained with a nostalgic feel that transports you decades and decades back in time, the film is dreamlike in all of its bathed in sparkles simplicity, but revolutionary nonetheless. Mylar was one of two…

The Coco rage becomes the game changer (video)

Sometimes even the most random bits striving to build a story align so beautifully, that it becomes nearly impossible not to think that in the end, it was all meant to be. Upon thinking about Malgorzata Dudek dramatic ‘Arachne’ collection, Coco Rocha’s fearless attitude appears to be the only one truly capable of augmenting its beauty, while also embodying its tremendous levels of boldness. Steven…

Coco Rocha covers L’Officiel Russia

Coco Rocha stars on the October 2013 issue of L’Officiel Russia. For this issue, Coco sizzles in pieces from the likes of Moschino, Dolce & Gabbana, Chanel, Prada, and Jil Sander to name a few. A stand out photo from the spread of the magazine is Coco wearing a fabulous Valentino floral long sleeve dress. Federico De Angelis photographed Coco Rocha’s cover story for this…

Coco Rocha running in red

Coco Rocha was obviously in a hurry. Leaving after one of the shows at New York fashion week, her supermodel strides took her across the Lincoln Center courtyard faster than the legs of mere mortals could manage to keep up with. And yet, a bright red jumpsuit to photographers is like a flag to a bull. You couldn’t miss her, you couldn’t help but want…

Coco Rocha: burning against the blue

As well as for her beauty, Coco Rocha is known for the expression and personality she brings to any shoot. The former dancer has a wide repertoire of poses and fierce facial expressions that the right photographer can play to and bring forth. Rayan Ayash did that for Schon magazine in this shoot, titled lumiere bleu. Edgy, androgynous styling by Andrew Holden is complimented by…
lumiere bleu by Rayan Ayash for Schon! 22
lumiere bleu by Rayan Ayash for Schon! 22
lumiere bleu by Rayan Ayash for Schon! 22
lumiere bleu by Rayan Ayash for Schon! 22
lumiere bleu by Rayan Ayash for Schon! 22
lumiere bleu by Rayan Ayash for Schon! 22

Coco Rocha for Madame Figaro

Supermodel and super beautiful Coco Rocha covers of the latest issue of Madame Figaro. As photographed by Richard Ramos, Coco poses in pieces from Prada, Dolce & Gabbana, and Chanel to name a few. On the cover, Coco is wearing an embellished top with a hint of regal styling and a dazzling smile that brightened up this September 2013 cover of the magazine.

Rochas Fall / Winter 2013

Hard and then soft, classic yet somehow eccentric, Marco Zanini’s approach to volume and exaggerated proportions this season revealed yet another spectacular collection envisioned for Rochas, a collection where nothing is as uncomplicated as it appears at first sight. Behind familiar silhouettes and a gained sense of comfort, thick fabrics shaped into couture-like volumes were keen on reflecting how clothes can alter a woman’s figure…