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5 weekend reads: Anna Dello Russo’s 4,000 pairs of shoes

Kate Middleton, it is observed, can make a product sell out in seconds. But is she squandering the opportunity to more deeply influence the new generation’s views of the Monarchy? Meanwhile, Anna Dello Russo and Peter Dundas talk about female empowerment, Pucci, and of course, shoes, and a new book looks at the darker side of Jazz Age flapper icons. After the break are five…

Salvatore Piccolo X Monocle shirts: daily discovery

Monocle is one of the publications which we greatly admire at Fashionising.com. The magazine’s ability to thrive when many others are in a protracted period of decline show that they’ve transcended the traditional model and become a lifestyle. Their collaborations are many and varied, though the latest have them teaming up up with Italian brand Salvatore Piccolo for two button up shirts – one of…

Rachel Comey’s Pegasus: daily discovery

In the coming spring we’re in for a flock of shoes inspired by the myth of Mercury’s mode of transport. Rachel Comey’s entry, the Pegasus, is not as elaborate as the winged shoe offered by Alexander McQueen nor as subtle as Charlotte Olympia’s Mercury heels. Though it is the first winged clog we’ve seen to date.

Lanvin court shoes: daily discovery

Even those most noncommittal on the idea of wedges would have trouble not giving these Lanvin shoes their full attention. Sometimes a black leather court shoe is the kind of wardrobe staple we really must have, but to stand out and make it count there are options beyond the stiletto or platform pump. Hence the appeal of a gold base that sits somewhere in between…

Acne 60s shift dress: daily discovery

With the 60s fashion revival comes a desire for a wardrobe update that takes in (at least) two things: colour, and mod 60s-inspired cuts. But if you’re shopping for a curated wardrobe of high quality, long-life pieces that will take you beyond right now and into 2012, you’re better off resisting the psychedelic prints and opting for the classics. Perusing Acne’s flagship in Stockholm recently…

Tom Ford x Carine Roitfeld, daily discovery

When either the names of Tom Ford or Carine Roitfeld pass over our desks we find it very difficult to refrain from broadcasting our admiration. So when the two collaborate on anything we simply can’t find a reason not to tell you about it. The “Carine” bag is the latest effort between the two to make a grab for your attention and more importantly the…

Daily discovery: sheer white maxi

The dominant colour for the sheer maxi dress, as we’ve seen it thus far, has been black; but if you want a fresh change and something that leans away from the vampish side a white version can afford plenty of options. A white sheer maxi can be floaty and feminine or the epitome of boho festival chic. This particular take is made from flower and…

Ellery leather crop top: daily discovery

There’s one surefire way to take a crop top in 2011 and guarantee that it comes off as both on-trend and stylish (read: not tacky). Make it leather, and make it minimalist. To qualify that a bit further we’re not talking about skin-tight, underboob-scraping leather crop tops here, we’re talking about that Chloe-esque effortlessness that marries a looser cut with high-quality structured leather. Perfect for…

Daily discovery: House of Sunny

Sexed-up vintage. That’s how House of Sunny’s 2011 lookbook was described to me when it landed in my inbox, along with the prediction that I’d be smitten (thanks for the heads up, Allan). Not far wrong. Not least do I love a discovery, but I love the ability for something to be both wearable and a statement. In building up a curated wardrobe, in culling…
House of Sunny '11 Collection Look Book
House of Sunny '11 Collection Look Book
House of Sunny '11 Collection Look Book
House of Sunny '11 Collection Look Book
House of Sunny '11 Collection Look Book
House of Sunny '11 Collection Look Book
House of Sunny '11 Collection Look Book
House of Sunny '11 Collection Look Book

Globe-trotter centenary suitcase: daily discovery

Having a suitcase that fits your style is a key part of a travel experience. I love a sturdy, vintage-inspired piece of luggage – like Globe-Trotter’s Centenary collection. Step onto the tarmac with this and you’ll suddenly be transported to the centre of a Poirot mystery in exotic Egypt circa 1937. Or so I imagine, anyway. I’m 100% in love with the ivory colour. Made…