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Daniel Craig dapper in Brunello Cucinelli at Spectre Paris premiere

Dapper as ever in a slim-cut, two-button navy suit by Brunello Cucinelli was Daniel Craig at the Paris premiere of the latest instalment in the James Bond franchise, 007 Spectre, at Le Grand Rex. Craig holds his own against a long line of fashionable Bond girls that stick in memory for their killer fashion choices.

How James Bond’s shoes are made: weekend watch

Or rather, how Crockett & Jones shoes are made. But with SKYFALL just now hitting cinema screens, it’s hard not to get fixated on the fact that they’ve recently had the honor of supplying James Bond’s shoes. But if anything, James Bond is really just another marker that Crockett & Jones’ shoes are the kind that are meticulously made, sturdy, and classically stylish. You can…

Billy Reid’s Bond peacoat in Skyfall

We’ve been rounding up the items from James Bond’s latest wardrobe: the Tom Ford suit, the Crockett & Jones shoes, the Globe-Trotter case. But while a tuxedo or a bespoke rifle case may not be a staple of the average male wardrobe, a navy blue peacoat is. It’s one of those classic items that’ll get you through one winter and the next… and the next.…

The shoes worn by James Bond in Skyfall

There are worse things for your brand than landing product in a James Bond film – especially if you happen to be a purveyor of luxury cars, watches, suits or men’s shoes. For as much as the 007 franchise captivates both genders, it’s essentially the male dream that gets lived out on the screen with each new incarnation. And let’s face it, there are plenty…

Daniel Craig & Naomi Harris cover Hunger

It’s one of the year’s biggest films, so expect to see Skyfall promotion efforts getting the faces of Daniel Craig & Co plastered across a magazine or two. Count Hunger‘s third issue amoung them, with Naomie Harris and Daniel Craig each getting a cover as photographed by Rankin.

5 things to do for James Bond day

James Bond day isn’t something celebrated every year. But this year is doubly special for Bond fans globally: it’s the anniversary of 50 years of James Bond, and there’s a new film soon to be released. With Skyfall hitting cinema screens later this month, it’s time to stop and indulge in a few Bond-themed activities. Here are 5.

James Bond’s conduit cut suit: weekend watch

James Bond has arguable done as much for men’s fashion as it has for entertainment, and it’s done so over a period of decades. You need only look at Daniel Craig’s latest Tom Ford designed tuxedo to see that it’s still an influential franchise. Long before Daniel Craig, however, was Sean Connery and the Conduit Cut – created by Anthony Sinclair – which this video…

Why James Bond wouldn’t smell like James Bond

Few films or film series have had as much impact upon men’s fashion as James Bond. Luxury, quality goods are ingrained in the film franchise courtesy of author Ian Fleming’s penchant for the finer things in life. And while we’ve all come to accept the fact that modern Bond films are just as much about product placement as they are about action and adventure, there…