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Style inspiration of the day: girly florals meet cool leather

Building upon opposites is always a good idea, in the fashion department all the more, because how else would you be able to showcase all of your colours, pay tribute to all of your facets? Rocking the girliest of Lolita-esque florals, pleats and frills, a stunning Magdalena Frackowiako brings the best of two worlds together, adding the cool factor to the pretty frock with a sleeveless…

Hair tip of the day: Nineties textured twists & plaits

Give a minimal spring dress a 1990s twist with a pair of casual-sporty sneakers, layers of colourful jewellery and – most importantly – a messy hairstyle filled with twists and braids. Texture is key, especially if you want to keep the style in place without use of hair elastics or pins. Use a volumising mousse or sea-salt spray, dry the product into the hair and…

11 ridiculously dreamy fashion photos that will get you in the mood for spring

11 dreamy fashion photos that will get you in the mood for spring. A gentle sun that paints everything golden, beautiful blossoms in all colours and shapes, warm air that whispers of new beginnings, and the ease that comes with knowing that the cold and its layers are now part of the past: for these reasons and more, it’s impossible not to fall for spring,…

12 most devastatingly sexy photoshoots of 2014 (NSFW)

Top 12 sexy fashion shoots of 2014. Softness, sensuality, irrefutable sex-appeal; clothes melting into thin air giving way to flawless skin, provocative poses and the best kind of beauty to be put on display. In 2014 we have continued to feature the pure, unadulterated sexy, blurring the lines between nudity and fashion, between fashion and art, all while celebrating the sexuality of the female body.…

Barbara Palvin gets more naked than usual for David Bellemere

Though regularly donning lingerie and bikinis for various campaigns, Barbara Palvin is not the go-to girl for fully bared skin, managing to retain a sweet reputation to accompany her cherubim lips and big, doe eyes. So this shoot for Marie Claire Italy is probably one of the more daring ones we’ve seen of Palvin: beautifully captured in a tropical beach paradise by David Bellemere.

A naked body of jawdropping proportions

The internet has become kind of a wasteland for broken promises of things that will (not) cause your jaw to drop or your mind to blow. The real risk – greater than any danger of actual jaw dislocation – is that they’ll simply stop grabbing your attention. But still, if you filter carefully, you’ll some things really do warrant the adjective of “jawdropping” because they’re…
NSFW Photo gallery included.