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Pirelli Calendar 2016 features female icons, not models. Reddit thread calls them “old and disgusting”.

The 2016 Pirelli Calendar smashes free of the usual pin-up cliches. Women admired for more than their bikini bodies - including icons Patti Smith, Serena Williams, Yoko Ono and Amy Schumer - are amoung this year's pages, but not everyone is cheering the move. The Reddit community have called the woman "old and disgusting". Read on for more.

13 most iconic swimwear moments in film

They’re equal parts summer necessities and statements of style waiting to be made, and as long as the sun and the beach keep calling, they are more than ready to provide the incentive and ensure that a lady’s shoreline style is flawless. We’re talking swimwear, both sultry bikinis and sexy one-pieces, but the iconic kind that became legendary throughout the decades, as sported by the…

20 gorgeous outfits from the streets of Paris: day 4

Another day of Paris Haute Couture fashion week, another day of stunning outfits gracing the streets. In our street style roundup from day 4, the ladies of fashion week brought masculine suiting with sheer panels (here’s looking at you, Ece Sukan), crop tops worn with pencil skirts (thank you, Nicole Warne), and then there’s that lime-green bejewelled and cutaway number (on Anna Dello Russo, naturally)…

7 DIY body butters to treat your skin with

The all natural is a total delight, the best treat you can give to your skin and your body, while the fairly easy recipes that promise to steal just a little bit of your time, make for the most relaxing DIY activities, bound to leave you with some luxurious, yet totally inexpensive goodies in exchange. These are just some of the reasons why you should…

9 gorgeous models who are defying industry body image standards

Size sexy and the perfect kind of curvy, these are the models who are fearlessly fighting to redefine the industry beauty standards. Proving once and for all that beauty is beyond size, these statuesque stunners challenge society’s perception of what’s acceptable in the industry and in the world, on a daily basis. A look at their gorgeous figures should suffice in making it clear that…

The body, the lips, the sex appeal you can’t switch off

This is Yara. She has a body that nature’s grandest undulations of mountains and valleys would envy. She has a razor jawline that can’t do damage to the soft bloom of a mouth that’s found at the end of it. But more engaging than any of that is something intangible: it’s a knowing sex-appeal that rises off her like steam from a radiator. You can’t…
NSFW Photo gallery included.

Men’s fall 2014 trend: skinny silhouettes

In many ways the men’s skinny silhouettes imagined for fall 2014 make for a perfect trend: they’re clean, sharp, flattering and cool enough to make a style statement without a lot of added features, without much effort being involved. With the menswear look changing ever so slowly, it doesn’t come as a surprise that when it does embrace a shift in appearance, the new silhouette…
Keeping it slim F/W '14
Keeping it slim F/W '14
Keeping it slim F/W '14
Keeping it slim F/W '14
Keeping it slim F/W '14
Keeping it slim F/W '14
Keeping it slim F/W '14
Keeping it slim F/W '14

From our Editors: Allan’s year in review

At some point in December I was going to hit a goal I set myself earlier in 2013: to have run over 200KM on the streets of Canberra. Though more on that later. In late 2012 there was some unexpected changes in my life. My partner got a new, much better, job in Canberra, Fashionising.com moved it’s head office to the UK and for the…