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From our Editors: Allan’s year in review

At some point in December I was going to hit a goal I set myself earlier in 2013: to have run over 200KM on the streets of Canberra. Though more on that later. In late 2012 there was some unexpected changes in my life. My partner got a new, much better, job in Canberra, Fashionising.com moved it’s head office to the UK and for the…

6 awesome industry insights from Simeon Farrar of Blackscore

Backstage at the Burberry Prorsum spring 2014 show – where I happened to take this photo – Cara Delevingne was running amok in a black balaclava marked with the letters BS. I’ll confess I didn’t at that time know what the letters stood for. I later found out they stood for Blackscore. The man behind Blackscore is a successful designer in his own right under…

5 ways to indulge in the 1920s trend – without looking like you’re in costume

Suffice to get lost in the pages of “The Great Gatsby” or to have at least watched Baz Lurhmann’s vibrant adaptation of the same book to become instantly fascinated with the Roaring Twenties. Unlike any other decade, the 1920s have a fantasy quality to them that ended up turning the flapper into a romantic notion every woman wants a taste of. The years of 2007…

10 absurd fashion statements we’re happy never became trends

While it’s true that we all share a certain connection with the past and we have the good old days to thank for some of our all-time favourite fashion trends, think ultra-short mod dresses, Letterman jackets, peter pan collars and cat eye sunglasses, fashion as we know it today would have been a totally different story had any of the following fashion statements emerged into…

Tudor ruffs, tulle & medieval splendour: dressing like a modern-day style sovereign

Colour, light, texture, emotion and ornate revivals create a photoshoot so profoundly exquisite that it is difficult to imagine anything beyond this regal fashion still-life shot by Aaron Feaver. The regality and splendor behind this lavish rendition of fashion creates a dramatic aura of luxury and desire. With the notions of simplicity and minimalistic décor so obviously pushed aside, this gorgeous shoot comes together to…
Robin by Aaron Feaver for Odalisque Magazine
Robin by Aaron Feaver for Odalisque Magazine
Robin by Aaron Feaver for Odalisque Magazine
Robin by Aaron Feaver for Odalisque Magazine
Robin by Aaron Feaver for Odalisque Magazine
Robin by Aaron Feaver for Odalisque Magazine
Robin by Aaron Feaver for Odalisque Magazine
Robin by Aaron Feaver for Odalisque Magazine

Fire on the dance floor: to-die-for disco styling

If we didn’t live through it, we surely wish we could have: such mythical status does the era of Studio 54 hold as a golden age of glamour and excess. Imagine dancing amidst four tons of glitter that swirled like stardust to the beat, with Diana Ross in the DJ booth and Michael Jackson on the dance-floor; or brushing shoulders with Andy Warhol or watching…
NSFW Photo gallery included.

What we’re listening to: the runway edition

Some runways amaze only with the clothes; some have you tapping your foot or scribbling notes about songs you simply must get your hands on. Our round-up this week of what's playing at Fashionising.com HQ is our runway edition: music from the shows that have continued to play in our heads and in our office.

Everything you ever wanted to know about scents but were too afraid to ask

We often hear people talk about scents, about signature fragrances, about notes that bring back memories and as some might feel the sudden urge to embark in the search of a great perfume without the basic notions, rather blindfolded and with the distinct intention to base the purchase on what feels like a delightful aroma at the time: but they ought to know there’s far…