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Elisa Baudoin spotted (literally) at Dior Homme

Remember sequin-dotted eyes? Or any dotted eyes for that matter? It’s a beauty look from the runway that hardly gets a reworking in real-life, but Elisa Baudoin pulled this interesting take off the other day during Paris fashion week. Her double-dotted eyes were matched by a bindi dot, as spotted (no pun intended) outside the Dior Homme show.

Models off duty after Dior Homme

Dior Homme fall 2014 was unusually hectic this year. Celebrity-spotting teens swept in from who-knows-where, as if the writing was on a wall somewhere (a Facebook wall) telling them to descend in droves at the Paris Tennis Club. Still, it wasn’t too hard to spot the show’s cast afterwards, kicking back with their post-show cigarettes and congenially posing for selfies with segments of the madding…

Egor Semenov after Dior Homme

Uzbekistani model Egor Semenov is one of those with wide-set eyes, impossibly high cheekbones, and utterly flawless skin. No retouching needed for this lad, who landed Dior Homme this Paris men’s fashion week season. He’d just finished that particular show when I took this shot.

Esther Quek at Dior Homme

If ever there was a street style darling to epitomise the concept of a female Dandy, it would have to be Esther Quek. You need only see the detail that went into her outfit today to know why: multiple lapel pins and pocket handkerchiefs, as well as a tie and tie pin, contributed to a flamboyant yet utterly classic look.