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25 of the best street style looks of 2013

What makes an outfit catch the eye? It might be the colour, the luxuriousness, the body underneath or the attitude of the person wearing it. It might be super-simple and minimalist chic, it might be a tornado of clashing prints effortlessly thrown together. During the fashion week seasons, it might even go a step further into the wildly avant garde. From Elena Perminova’s gladiator heels…

Photo diary: Phuket around Sri Panwa; November 2013

Postcards from a fashioniser around Sri Panwa. By Daniel P Dykes. You know that a holiday destination is good when Mother Nature decides to be the polar opposite of what you had dreamed of, and yet you still enjoy your time there. With a week’s vacation planned at Sri Panwa, a luxury resort west of Phuket, in my mind’s eye I knew how everything would…

Photo diary: Phuket around Aleenta; November 2013

Postcards from a fashioniser around Aleenta. By Daniel P Dykes. The mention of Phuket, Thailand, is likely to conjure up images beautiful beaches and exquisite islands. Or perhaps, depending on your youth, cheap bars and raucous clubs. Head north out of Phuket, however, and stick to the West of the mainland and you’ll soon find yourself in Phangnga. Here I stayed at Aleenta Resort having…

The dress that dances: Jessica Choay

Pretty in photos but impossibly gorgeous in reality, Jessica Choay‘s dresses have a life of their own. Like this ruby red one I wore during Paris fashion week, made from shifting panels of the softest silk. You don’t wear it, it floats around your body. It doesn’t just move, it dances. The other spectacular thing about pieces of such beautiful quality is that they don’t…

5 street style portraits of the fashion week crowd

Models. Editors. Bloggers. Street style photographers. Wrap them all up in the broader term of influencers. Whilst doing my running around at the fashion weeks this spring 2014 season, I found time to have a bit of a chat with (and take a street style portrait of) 5 such people. Or rather, they found a bit of time for me. One takes beautiful street style…

Photo diary: a fashioniser in New York; September 2013

Every fashion week has its highs. The catwalks. The parties. The people. But the fact that New York is first on the calendar of the 'big four' fashion weeks makes it a stand out for me. In being first, it gives me, anyone, the chance to travel there early. And in being early, I have chance to do more than a fashion week normally offers and to truly be a traveller in a foreign land. What follows are a few photos from New York during its spring 2014 fashion week season, all from the eye of a fashioniser.

Rules of a gentleman: Daniel P Dykes

Sometimes, it takes a stylish woman to recognise a stylish man. In her blog The Golden Diamonds, Doina Ciobanu has expanded beyond highlighting the stylish side of womenswear and into offering up some inspiration for men. Titled Rules of a Gentleman this new segment features none other than our own Daniel P Dykes, in posts about menswear staples, how to wear a three-piece suit, and…

The little red dress: Doina Ciobanu

They haven’t become ubiquitos in so much as they have become iconic. Plunging necklines are an easy statement to make, slit dresses a stronger one. Envisage them in your mind’s eye, however, and it’s likely that you picture a floor length dress with a thigh-high split. That, or Angeline Jolie’s right leg. But spring 2014 is fast shaping up to be a story of something…
Doina Ciobanu in Milonga from Jessica Choay S/S '14
Doina Ciobanu in Milonga from Jessica Choay S/S '14
Doina Ciobanu in Milonga from Jessica Choay S/S '14
Doina Ciobanu in Milonga from Jessica Choay S/S '14
Doina Ciobanu in Milonga from Jessica Choay S/S '14
Doina Ciobanu in Milonga from Jessica Choay S/S '14
Doina Ciobanu in Milonga from Jessica Choay S/S '14
Doina Ciobanu in Milonga from Jessica Choay S/S '14