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19 pairs of wedding shoes that will wow you

The perfect bridal accessory doesn’t have to steal from the dress, it has to add to it in ways that will only enhance the magic, just like a perfect pair of wedding shoes doesn’t have to compete for attention but it has to look showstopping and beautiful nonetheless. Because no detail’s too little on such occasion. From the glitter-washed to the luxuriously ornate, from the…

Beauty tip of the day: fairy tale princess makeup revised

“Today, every girl wants to be a princess,” but even if this scenario doesn’t appeal to you, we bet you’ll still find plenty of swoon-worthy reasons to enjoy escaping in Dolce & Gabbana’s latest fashion fantasy. Amongst them, the fairy tale princess makeup revised: fresh, natural, gorgeous, just perfect for spring. To achieve the runway look start with a luminous base, and complement the porcelain…