Roboty Reczne S/S ’14 look book

Our love for Roboty Reczne has been spanning the seasons. Still piercing our hearts with their knitting needles and entangling our desires in yards of soft wool, it’s safe to say that, for spring / summer 2014, the affair continues. This new collection of knitted delights brings glorious texture and slouchy cut-away shapes back into beautiful harmony. Pitch black, dove grey and peony pink make…

Julien Fournie Couture Spring 2014: wearable fairytales

Discounting an exquisite white bridal gown – with which the model’s head was haloed in a ball of baby’s breath, making her look a little like something out of a 1960s Jean Shrimpton shoot – Julian Fournié’s spring 2014 couture lineup was surprisingly wearable. The said bridal gown was wearable, too, but on a particular occasion, the kind of which goes without saying. The rest…

Cosy winter wools: Roboty Reczne A/W ’13 look book

Roboty Reczne have a way with wool, a fact that holds true all year round. But as much as they wowed us in spring, it’s the fall / winter season in which knitted pieces most belong. They’re in their element here, alongside the slouchy suede boots and coffee mugs and piles of chopped wood. A colour palette for fall 2013 of dove grey and clotted…

Urban nautical in Bucharest: men’s look

Summer time and the living is easy. Yes, it’s a sure sign that Summer has peaked when England has a few hot days. And boy, has it. 30 Celsius plus in England and people have been dying of heat exhaustion. Or so the news tells me – it seems that every time the sun decides to beat down on England’s green and pleasant land I’m…

Know, see, do: for the fashionisers’ weekend

No matter where you are in the world, the weekend will soon be upon you. That means it’s time for our weekly round-up of entertaining tidbits, the things you need to know, the things you should see (just because) and some places to go if you get bored and feel like shopping at J.Crew, marvelling at a Monet, or getting dressed to impress for a…

Wanda Nylon: coats you won’t want to save for a rainy day

Wanda Nylon make such beautiful wet-weather clothing you'll actually want it to rain every day. If you're partial to a transparent raincoat a la Blade Runner, or want to melt into the shadows in a film noir black vinyl trench, this is one burgeoning brand you need to know about.

Milk from a Thistle A/W ’13 look book

You might not expect a bright berry pink to work against an almost retro stripe of earthy brown, white and petroleum blue, but that’s how the autumn look book from Sydney based Milk From A Thistle opens, and that’s what makes you want to see more. The stripe print runs throughout the collection, on silk blouses and relaxed pants and dresses, sometimes finding its way…

Weekend beauty (that you wouldn’t want to mess with): Gabrielle by Antony Nobilo

Somewhere between the 1980s and the Wild West is a place where Gabrielle Dover guards your house with a big ‘ol shotgun. Wild eyed and dishevelled, she looks both fearsome and fearless; the kind of girl with nothing to lose a kind of Bonnie Parker bank-robber spirit. Antony Nobilo’s shoot sees Gabrielle styled into an eclectic mix of outfits: a feminine lace dress, silk blouse,…
Gabrielle by Antony Nobilo
Gabrielle by Antony Nobilo
Gabrielle by Antony Nobilo
Gabrielle by Antony Nobilo
Gabrielle by Antony Nobilo