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Moussy A/W ’15 look book

Tokyo-based retailer Moussy bring their latest collection for winter 2015-16, and it’s reliably filled with relaxed attitude and too-cool-to-care pieces. Oversized Mickey Mouse sweaters, chic duffle coats and prim floral skirts are accompanied by the sweetest fall / winter 2015 accessories like berets, scarves and fedoras.

Top 10 men’s collections from Milan fashion week

A key stop in what’s globally acknowledged as one of the Big 4 fashion weeks, highly regarded destination, Milan, recently wrapped its men’s fashion week to the utter pleasure of many. Conceived in 1958, Milan fashion week co-ordinates, promotes and celebrates the development of Italian fashion affording some of the globe’s most relevant design houses an outlet to bestow their invaluable collections for the world…

How to build a men’s winter wardrobe on any budget

Departing from the same concept that introduces the small wardrobe as the new definition of luxury, there’s nothing quite like a new season to start rebuilding your closet, or refining it even by getting rid of everything that appears average. A men’s curated wardrobe for winter should hold on to quality, timeless style and luxury, the latter not necessarily feeding upon grandiose expenses. Statement knits,…

Top 10 men’s hooded coats
 for autumn 2013

Known for rising many challenges when it comes to a flawless style approach, fall is the season that forces you to combine fashion, comfort and practicality in order to build a perfect outfit that carries spark. The fall / winter 2013 fashion trends are all about making a statement and sometimes a great piece of outerwear saves you a great deal of trouble whenever creativity…

10 of the best men’s accessories from the spring 2014 runways

Fashion has a fascinating way of galvanizing people into constantly thinking about the future, making it always about what’s next, more than it will ever be about what’s hot right now. Past and present get often clouded by the alluring thought of a better, brighter, far more exciting and not so distant future. With the official start of summer 2013 not even that far behind…

Layering for men: playing with lengths

Winter and layering: the first necessitates the second, but it doesn't have to be all about keeping warm. Taking lessons from the fall / winter runways, menswear looks to giving an already-sharp outfit a cool twist by way of layerings of different lengths. Find out more about the trend after the break.

Shearling for men: how to wear it this winter

A trend that's gradually continued to evolve across the seasons, shearling isn't exactly a wild change in direction for menswear. But it is worth knowing how to adapt it to your fall / winter 2012 wardrobe. That all comes down to the cuts, colours and shapes, and what you pair it with. Read on for more details of how to wear shearling this year.

Conservative classics from Burberry Black Label

Burberry Prorsum, it could easily be argued, is a trend-setter. Whether it’s the heavy, military strictness of one season or the bright mod Britishness of the next, under the guiding hand of Christopher Bailey the brand turns out some of the best examples of how to balance a long-standing heritage with seasonal trends. For the Burberry Black Label line, though, things are a little different.…
Kirill Vasilev: Burberry Black Label A/W '11
Kirill Vasilev: Burberry Black Label A/W '11
Kirill Vasilev: Burberry Black Label A/W '11
Kirill Vasilev: Burberry Black Label A/W '11
Kirill Vasilev: Burberry Black Label A/W '11
Kirill Vasilev: Burberry Black Label A/W '11
Kirill Vasilev: Burberry Black Label A/W '11
Kirill Vasilev: Burberry Black Label A/W '11