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Is Interview Magazine glamorising binge drinking?

Maybe it’s a deliberate grab for attention via the thorny path of controversy. Maybe it’s a genuine attempt to call attention to an issue relevant to a generation of young readers. Or maybe Interview Magazine are just glamorising binge drinking (intentionally or not) in such a way that young girls are going to look at this shoot and think, drinking until I pass out must…

10 most mind-blowingly sexy photoshoots of 2013 (NSFW)

2013 in review: 10 hotter-than-hot fashion shoots. We could just direct you to anything Edita Vilkeviciute did this year or anything Emily Ratajkowski did ever, but that wouldn’t be very challenging for us, or provide much variety to you. The bucketloads of pure sexy that we’ve featured in 2013 have given continued weight to the relationship between clothing and skin, between fashion and sensuality. There’s…

10 of the best magazine covers of 2013

It has been a year filled with hundreds of stunning magazine covers, amongst which some consolidated careers, others became legendary and a few remained nothing but beautiful one-month wonders. What truly separates the best covers from all the rest is really hard to pinpoint, but the magazines to have made the 2013 top 10 are the perfect mix of inspiration, beauty and fashion, with a…

Top 10 models of 2013

Who ruled 2013, from the runway to the street? It's a tough call, but here are 10 picks for the best models of the year.

Edita Vilkeviciute: lost in a narcissistic sexual fantasy (video)

Gordon von Steiner’s raw exploration of the narcissistic theme, as taken on by 25 Magazine for their third issue, is haunting, definitely on the provocative side, and a touch surreal. With the incredibly gorgeous Edita Vilkeviciute effortlessly portraying the narcissistic beauty lost in her own sensual fantasy, things are bound to get hot and electrifying. Add to that a parade of latex suits, nude bodies…

Edita Vilkeviciute goes topless for Lui

Naked but natural, Edita Vilkeviciute‘s cover for Lui is without the over sexiness of her ultra erotic video for the same publication. With just a pair of bikini bottoms and heels, Edita shows off her enviable body. View the full version after the break.

Edita is the sex for Lui Magazine (video)

I’d like to say there’s some subjectivity in the matter, but the reality is that no other words spring to mind: Edita Vilkeviciute really is the sex in this shoot and video for Lui Magazine. She turns terry towelling shorts, striped singlets and sateen bomber jackets from things you imagine your Mum wearing in the ’70s into things you wish you were wearing right now.…