10 one-piece swimsuits that will actually make you look drop-dead sexy this summer

To look drop-dead sexy while lounging by the pool, or while walking down the beach in search of that perfect, little spot, this is what all women dream about come summer. If a revealing bikini is not exactly your cup of tea but you still aim for that effortless kind of sensuality, leave it to a figure-flattering one-piece swimsuit to sculpt your body and enhance…

Tuck it in: a fall 2015 hair trend

We’re willing to put a lot of effort into looking great at all times, regardless if we’re talking about the small details, or the more significant of the fashion statements. But in the end, what we’re all truly seeking is not only to feel effortlessly put together, but to also sport that nonchalance straightforward, to wear it confidently knowing it looks just as good as…

10 breathtakingly beautiful fashion photos from 2013

10 breathtaking fashion photos. If I had any foresight, I’d have been keeping a list of these throughout the year: the most beautiful shots from the most beautiful fashion shoots that our amazing contributors have sent us in 2013. If I had, by now the list would be very long. We get an incredible amount of photoshoots submitted to us, and I’ve fallen in love…