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12 best street style looks from London, day 3

Day 3 of London fashion week, and the street style crowd were upping the ante. Elena Perminova’s outfit of Burberry custom monogram cloak, thigh high boots and fedora stood out a mile away. Elsewhere were patterned pants, floating dresses and cooly masculine ensembles. At the gallery, 12 of the best looks from London, day 3.

Urban cowgirl: Elena Perminova

Going for cowgirl style doesn’t mean you have to play exactly by the rules. Right now, it’s more of a mood than a costume, and adding elements like thigh-high boots and wide brimmed floppy hats is all the better.

Elena Perminova poses nude for Vogue Russia

In the strange land where the borders of model, socialite and Instagram celebrity intersect, Elena Perminova is surely queen. Who else might you spot posing nude in Vogue Russia’s September issue? With a Rapunzel-esque side braid and little else, Perminova covers the issue’s beauty supplement.

Chiara Ferragni: black, blue and peaked

I am a hat-lover (I have a navy blue peaked officer’s cap much like this, incidentally, only mine is vintage and genuine military issue, and despite as much probably cost me one eightieth of the price of a new designer one) as well as a firm believer in the oft-underrated relationship between navy and black. Suffice to say Chiara Ferragni in this get-up may not…

25 of the best street style looks of 2013

What makes an outfit catch the eye? It might be the colour, the luxuriousness, the body underneath or the attitude of the person wearing it. It might be super-simple and minimalist chic, it might be a tornado of clashing prints effortlessly thrown together. During the fashion week seasons, it might even go a step further into the wildly avant garde. From Elena Perminova’s gladiator heels…

Elena Perminova in Armani

The first Giorgio Armani boutique just opened its doors to shoppers in Saint Petersburg, Russia, at the prestigious Nevsky 152 Mall this week. In attendance was Elena Perminova, dressed in smart Armani tailored pants and embellished jacket, paired with bold red lips and her textured bob.

Elena Perminova’s fedora

I was heading for the Elie Saab fall 2013 couture show, in danger of forfeiting my own seat should I not give my camera a rest and get myself inside. But pausing to take one more shot of Elena Perminova‘s velvet rimmed Maison Michel fedora was too irresistible even in the low light. I myself do not have a velvet rimmed Maison Michel fedora. I…

How to mix high and low: Elena Perminova

Mixing high and low is part the foundation of a well curated wardrobe, but if ever you were unconvinced that two labels as disparate in price point and quality as H&M and Burberry could work harmoniously together, then let Elena Perminova convince you of otherwise. A red mini skirt from H&M with a Burberry peplum cropped trench – along with round sunglasses and red pumps…

Elena Perminova bares her body

We’re used to seeing Elena Perminova strutting around and attending shows in some of the most chic outfits: she’s become a street style icon, a fashion week fixture, a socialite and ‘it’ girl. Showing a little more is this preview of an upcoming shoot, posted today to Perminova’s instagram account: