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Elena Perminova, Russian doll

You don’t have to be Russian to carry off a fluffy fur hat and matching snow-white fur gloves. But if you want to pull off wearing thigh-high boots and a miniskirt in the dead of a Parisian winter, it sure does help to have pins like Elena Perminova‘s.

Hat power: Elena Perminova

A hat has a certain power. The power to transform, to uplift, to even complete an outfit. A hat can push an outfit overboard into the realms of costume. It can take an outfit that’s plain and simple and give it an interesting feature, like a beautiful painting on a plain white wall. Maison Michel is one brand that creates the kind of millinery treats…

Tangerine trilby: daily discovery

Remember the peachy felt hat spotted on Elena Perminova? I fell in love with the feminine colour crossed with a masculine style, so after coming across a variation on the hat (it’s by Maison Michel) at Browns I think I can hear my name being called…

The ideal accessory

I don’t think I could be more in love with Elena Perminova‘s peachy-pink hat; it’s masculine in shape but utterly feminine in colour, making it something of a stand-out accessory.

A hint of leg

Elena Perminova has such a great off-duty style; always managing to balance bold with demure, sexy with stylish. This simple and utilitarian dress could have had a fairly dull end result, but adding a pair of thigh high boots completely changes the look. Elena keeps it just modest enough with only a hint of leg between the dress hem and the boots.
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Elena Perminova: chic

And to think that when I penned our spotting of the maxi dress / sheer trends fusion I stated we were short on examples of the burgeoning look. Barely a week later, and still with 2011′s fashion off on the horizon, we’re no longer short on looks and continue to be thoroughly impressed as to how well the fashion forward are wearing the look.

Off-duty space cadet

What a way to turn futuristic sci-fi fashion into everyday casual wear: by pairing edgy Rick Owens with denim cut-offs and some ridiculously long legs. The off-duty model is Elena Perminova.