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How to create a sexy, textured bob: 3 tutorials for short hair

One hairstyle that has an interesting history is the bob. Over the centuries, it’s been very common for women to have long hair but even before the first world war, some women were already taking the fashionable risk of wearing their hair short. Bobs were already worn by actresses in the 1920s but it wasn’t until the 1960s that they became even more popular and…

How to maintain platinum & bleached blonde hair

A hair colour change is the perfect foundation for a drastic makeover or reinvention; and if you’re going use hair colour as a statement, going platinum blonde – or near to it – is certainly a striking way to do it. Looking at the key hair trends for 2013 and beyond, bleached blonde in it’s lightest incarnations sits high on the list, partly thanks to…

Grown up girly: Perminova in pink

Combined, there could be little more feminine than soft floral appliques and baby pink fabric. But add a short, bell-shaped skirt, and suddenly the presence of legs shifts the whole look across the sexy-sweet boundaries. Elena Perminova wore this Giambattista Valli dress well, paired with Celine ankle strap heels.

Elena Perminova poses at Louis Vuitton

Fittingly decked out in the brand’s spring checks, Elena Perminova was one of the stylish guests at the Louis Vuitton fall 2013 show in Paris today. Always a favourite for photographers, this shot was taken as she posed post-show outside the venue.

Perminova: in the detail

With hands and head swathed in bright white fluffy fur, Elena Perminova was one of the most fawned over, focused on and photographed attendees of Chanel’s spring couture show. We featured the outfit in full, boots and all, here. Because you can never have too much of an intriguing thing, here’s a shot of the detail of the outfit: metallic clutch carefully matched to gold…

Elena Perminova plays it down

It’s almost casual, particularly if you consider that just an hour before this shot was taken Elena Perminova was strutting about another part of Paris in a bright metallic blue trench coat and heels. Outfit changes between shows are all in a day’s work for a model-cum-socialite. And so a more downplayed look of slim-fit pants, Balenciaga’s cutaway flat boots, and a chunky Tommy Hilfiger…

Elena Permoniva blonde & bobbed

Blonde is in, the bob is in… so is there any more refreshing a hairstyle for 2013 than a platinum blonde, messily textured bob? Elena Perminova wore hers perfectly today, tucked under a Louis Vuitton officer’s cap. She wore the look while attending the Elie Saab haute couture spring 2013 show.

Elena Perminova, Russian doll

You don’t have to be Russian to carry off a fluffy fur hat and matching snow-white fur gloves. But if you want to pull off wearing thigh-high boots and a miniskirt in the dead of a Parisian winter, it sure does help to have pins like Elena Perminova‘s.