eliza sys

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No shirt, no shoes, no problems (NSFW)

Serenity takes on many guises but sometimes we find it hidden in something as simple as a leisure day spent on a deserted beach, far away from anything that could easily perturb the blissfully portrayed reality. With no shirt and no shoes on, Eliza Sys becomes the embodiment of a laid-back summer day, soaking up every minute, with nothing but the waves and a good…
NSFW Photo gallery included.

What takes us away is no longer alive (NSFW)

At times, a sudden separation from the past might feel like the only possible answer given to an existence that no longer makes sense. In pursuit of new memories, Eliza Sys embodies the restless outbreak from the place where emptiness cuts deep and the reflections of the past aren’t soothing enough to block the constant turmoil. A metaphor for endless scenarios anchored in a strong…

Some things are just plain sexy… this is one of them.

Some things warrant deep analysis and interpretation, and some things are just plain sexy. Pierre Dal Corso is one of those photographers that can do either fantastically but especially the latter – you need only look at his latest work for French magazine OOB. Model Eliza Sys stars in the accessories-focused shoot, in which clothing rarely clutters the scene. Instead it’s just Sys’ stunning body,…
NSFW Photo gallery included.