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Ashley Smith, dominatrix cowgirl: weekend watch

One of Ellen Von Unwerth‘s strengths is her ability to pick a theme, and just go for it full-force. There’s no room for ambiguity: her shoots and videos – like this one, which stars Ashley Smith as a wildly dominatrix-like cowgirl – commit fully to their thematic choice in everything from styling to soundtrack, and that’s exactly why they work. Beyond the lingerie, leather harnesses,…

10 of the best magazine editorials of 2012

I’ll disclaim from the outset that the title of this post is inaccurate: “best”, when it comes to any form of art, is subjective. There’s no right or wrong on what can be called the best when it comes to fashion shoots, but there’s only so much you can explain in a title so I’ll say it here instead. There are certain editorials that stand…

Cara Delevingne shows more skin for Vogue Italia

Ellen Von Unwerth puts her trademark theatrical-slash-borderline-burlesque stamp on Cara Delevingne for the November 2012 issue of Vogue Italia. And while we’re not accustomed to putting Cara’s name and ‘NSFW’ in the same sentence, there is a bit of nudity in this one. Given her recent shoot for Centrefold and appointment on the Victoria’s Secret runway, seems that seeing the sexy side of Cara is…

More Katy Perry by Von Unwerth for ghd

Katy Perry can be a bit of a chameleon, not least her rainbow of hair colours. But for Ellen Von Unwerth’s campaign shots for ghd, everything is kept perfectly classic in black and white. You might recall a few initial shots from the campaign. Now, to launch the ghd Metallic Collection (which sees the ghd Gold Classic Styler on shelves for Christmas in all-metallic finishes…

Katy Perry by von Unwerth goes classic for ghd

The last few ghd campaigns starring Katy Perry have been as glossy, colourful, and fantastical as the pop singer herself. Those were photographed by David LaChapelle (see here and here for examples of the fairytale-inducing imagery). This time a new direction takes shape under the guiding hand and lens of in-demand photographer Ellen von Unwerth.

Lana Del Rey, cats and retro-kitsch in Vogue Italia

Lana Del Rey is an all-over creation, a persona. Lana Del Rey doesn’t just stick to a particular style, she is that style. She’s the hair, the makeup, the long talon nails, the “gangster Nancy Sinatra” dress sense. This is not an accusation of falseness, though she has been accused of that before; this is just a statement of truth, that the way we look…
Lana Del Rey by Ellen von Unwerth: Vogue Italia, August '12
Lana Del Rey by Ellen von Unwerth: Vogue Italia, August '12
Lana Del Rey by Ellen von Unwerth: Vogue Italia, August '12
Lana Del Rey by Ellen von Unwerth: Vogue Italia, August '12
Lana Del Rey by Ellen von Unwerth: Vogue Italia, August '12
Lana Del Rey by Ellen von Unwerth: Vogue Italia, August '12
Lana Del Rey by Ellen von Unwerth: Vogue Italia, August '12

Keira Knightley, von Unwerth’s dark queen

Accompanying Keira Knightley’s “modern day Guinevere” cover for Harper’s Bazaar UK is a shoot by stylist Cathy Kasterine and photographer Ellen Von Unwerth that channels the season’s Gothic sentiments flawlessly. In one shot Knightley descends a stone staircase in a cloak and winged headpiece, looking very much the medieval queen.

Keira Knightley, the modern-day Guinevere in Chanel

UK Harper’s Bazaar know there’s no better poster girl for the delicately bewitching neo-Goth look than English rose Keira Knightley. She already has the flawless pale skin and dark eyes, so all that’s needed is to coat her shoulders in a blanket of Chanel feathers and match her lips to a dark red rose. Photographer Ellen Von Unwerth and stylist Cathy Kasterine wanted to “transform…

Plastic fantastic: Barbies gone wild (video)

Remember that annoyingly catchy song by Danish pop group Aqua? Hear it once and it’d be stuck in your head for days. “I’m a Barbie girl, in a Barbie world…” To young ears it might have sounded innocent and sugary-sweet, but when Aqua’s Barbie sung about playing and being undressed there was some cheeky adult double meaning behind it. Ellen von Unwerth‘s latest video for…