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Vanessa Mooney does retro Americana

Chelsea Schuchman does her best retro-infused Americana babe for the latest imagery from Vanessa Mooney jewellery. Photographed by Andrew Kuykendall, the images feature trending jewellery styles like crystal pendants and body chains. With sexy styling and flowing waved hair, it’s worth checking out in full at the gallery.

9 trends from the Resort 2016 collections

From pretty little dress numbers to mannish suits and flashy furs, resort-wear is an open-ended, year-round affair that picks-up and elaborates on the existing themes, or, as it’s the case here, sees the emergence of brand new trends that you can invest in and start wearing right now. Blush notes, rainbow colours, pink suits, cool, oversized ruffles, off-the-shoulder silhouettes, all these plus more fresh directions…

Anna Dello Russo and the China blue dress

The blue-on-white print is as delicate as a china teacup, the lightweight fabric swirls around like a cloud. But Anna Dello Russo isn’t one to let a classic dress go by without a little edge, even if it is a dress by Dolce & Gabbana. Some Roman sandals and neon pink and turquoise jewellery were her additions of choice in Milan.

What your jewellery says about you

6 jewellery styles and what they say about you. They’re the bits and bobs at a ready to reveal all facets of your personality, the statements both big and subtle always there to speak about you without you even noticing, they’re extensions of your beliefs, marks of your aesthetic, little shreds peering from inside your world. We’re talking jewellery, of course, classic to on-trend, minimal…

From the beach to the street: 11 outfit ideas

In between their laid back spirit and their pull towards leisure, the hot summer months call for easy outfits that can take you straight from the beach to lunch and beyond. Low maintenance, practical, chic and hot-weather approved, the ideal weekend look for the sunny season is definitely the one you can trust to transition effortlessly from a day at the beach into a stylish, pulled-together…