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Recognise her? This isn’t the first time you’ve seen her naked. (Video)

Gorgeous, intriguing, exotic… Jessi M’Bengue. You’d have to have been living under a particularly sound-proof, pop-culture-proof rock not to have at least heard of Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines video, the one that put Emily Ratajkowski‘s name onto everyone’s lips. M’Bengue’s name may not be as well known but it was always her toned, dark shoulders I was admiring while she played the banjo like she…

Emily Ratajkowski undressed and slightly ridiculously hot (video)

Typically Terry Richardson in style – with bright white backdrops, phallic symbolisms and giant foods of the Americana variety – is this shoot of Emily Ratajkowski. Gorgeous, as always, Ratajkowski knows how to give the people what they want, even if she is also capable of so much more. One could argue there’s something empowering about that.

Robin Thicke poses with naked babes – again

Everyone knows Robin Thicke as that guy who was lucky enough to have Emily Ratajkowski dancing around topless in his filmclip. Or maybe they also know him for his music, but whatever… It seems starring alongside naked babes is his forte, with the new issue of Treats! Magazine putting him at the center of a bevvy of them. See the uncensored version after the break.

Emily Ratajkowski’s boxing shoot makes sweating sexy

It’s a shoot concept not unlike those that have gone before: girl in boxing ring, skin bared and glistening under fluorescent strip lighting, beauty amplified by the contrastingly gritty surrounds. A concept need not be new, though, when it’s done exceptionally well. And with Emily Ratajkowski in the ring, and Olivia Malone behind the lens, you couldn’t ask for more. Ratajkowski plays a character every…
Emily Ratajkowski by Olivia Malone
Emily Ratajkowski by Olivia Malone
Emily Ratajkowski by Olivia Malone
Emily Ratajkowski by Olivia Malone
Emily Ratajkowski by Olivia Malone
Emily Ratajkowski by Olivia Malone
Emily Ratajkowski by Olivia Malone
Emily Ratajkowski by Olivia Malone

Emily Ratajkowski goes relaxed cool in Paris

How one person could so embody the contradictory personas of sex-bomb and girl-next-door is a mystery, though that’s probably what makes Emily Ratajkowski so appealing. Her understated, easy outfits at Paris men’s fashion week are seasoned with a hint of sex-appeal, be it a semi-sheer tee or a deep plunge, while chunky shoes and slouchy pants make her look precisely like the kind of girl…

Emily Ratajkowski does Paris

Both stunning and super-sweet; Fashionising.com caught up with model Emily Ratajkowski after today’s Ann Demeulemeester showing at Paris fashion week. The first photo we snapped of Emily captured her beauty; after the break you’ll see how we snapped her outfit.

Raw beauty, Emily Ratajkowski

Emily Ratajkowski is gaining quite a dedicated following, having a look that’s an uncommon mix of vulnerability and sexuality that makes her kind of the sex-bomb-next-door. From her instagram:

Emily Ratajkowski furthers the beat (video)

It’s the most safe-for-work version of Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines” that you’re likely to see; i.e. it’s made up of more than just the perfect curves of Emily Ratajkowski cavorting about naked. Or is it? Is that really the new Beats Pill (an odd name for wireless speakers if ever there was one) or is it a sex toy?