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Feather headband trend: Flights of Fancy

I love feathers. It’s their natural beauty; the compendium of a multitude of hues brought together in vibrant patterns governed by nature… all for attracting a mate. Just think about the grace and style of the peacock and you will see what I mean. Well, the feather trend has been creeping up on catwalks since A/W 08-09, and I think its about time we all…

Laddered stockings / ripped tights fashion trend

The most defining trend of the 1990s was undoubtedly grunge. And since the 80s revival has reached its peak and is on the steady decline, it’s the 90s that are next in turn – grunge naturally included. This neo-grunge takes the ripped denim trend firmly in its stride; and along with it comes another 2009 and 2010 fashion trend: laddered stockings. Alexander Wang Autumn (Fall)/Winter…

How To Pose Like A Model: Erin Wasson

The first screening of of “Filth and Wisdom” earlier this month must have been a hell of a fashionable affair; Malin Akerman might have been a little off trend, but if model Hana Soukupova showed us how sexy the sheer trend can be, then what can one say of model Erin Wasson?
Erin Wasson at Filth and Wisdom NYC
Erin Wasson at Filth and Wisdom NYC
Erin Wasson at Filth and Wisdom NYC