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One way to wear white: Esther Quek

There’s so much you can do with an all-white outfit. Esther Quek gives just one example with this getup: a white “skort”, shirt and blazer, accessorised by a few colourful and dandy details. Finishing the look: a pair of bold heels.

Women rocking menswear: street style from Milan (gallery)

One of the best things about the menswear fashion weeks is the excuse for women to really – really – rock a menswear outfit and mean it. Not that it can’t be done any time; but the spirit of the thing gives added inspiration and added cause. During this Milan men’s fashion week the trend of masculine tailoring for women took shape in everything from…

Manstyling in Paris: Esther Quek

With her unfailing ability to rock a man-style look, Esther Quek is well justified as a street style darling. Though sticking to a monocrhomatic palette, she made this black suit stand out by use of clashing stripes and checks, along with the finishing touch of a white flower lapel pin.

10 of the best street style looks from Paris couture week

The street style situation at Paris Haute Couture week for spring 2014 was a little on the subdued side. The days were a bit grey, the weather was chilly but without the magic of snow. But warm coats, wool man-style suits, and outfits of head-to-toe black aren't necessarily a bad thing. While we all love seeing fashion as fantasy, these 10 street style looks are more the wearable - meaning you can easily take inspiration from their styling when the weather is cold outside your own door. At the gallery: 10 top street style looks that caught our eye in Paris.

Pattern clash: Esther Quek

Boldy mixing prints as well as blurring gender lines, Esther Quek’s trademark masculine-feminine styling took a particularly luxe turn at the Louis Vuitton menswear show in Paris. Her plaid coat was thrown over a blue and black jacquard pant suit for a convergence of two contrasting patterns.

Esther Quek at Dior Homme

If ever there was a street style darling to epitomise the concept of a female Dandy, it would have to be Esther Quek. You need only see the detail that went into her outfit today to know why: multiple lapel pins and pocket handkerchiefs, as well as a tie and tie pin, contributed to a flamboyant yet utterly classic look.

25 of the best street style looks of 2013

What makes an outfit catch the eye? It might be the colour, the luxuriousness, the body underneath or the attitude of the person wearing it. It might be super-simple and minimalist chic, it might be a tornado of clashing prints effortlessly thrown together. During the fashion week seasons, it might even go a step further into the wildly avant garde. From Elena Perminova’s gladiator heels…

The best women’s street style looks from Milan

The menswear component of Milan fashion week may be a feast of well-dressed men, but let’s not fool ourselves: where there’s a gorgeous woman in an impeccable outfit – whether during men’s week or not – she’ll always turn heads. And so the female attendees from the recent Milan men’s spring 2013 shows garnered plenty of attention. From the androgynous to the ultra-feminine, from sporty…

Esther Quek in block blue

Esther Quek’s signature androgynous style is one that ever gets boring and never disappoints. A flamboyant mix of feminine and masculine, hard and soft, she’s one I look forward to seeing with every fashion week.