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How to wear men’s tailored shorts this spring

“Because of the way they’re tailored, they are as dressed as a pair of long trousers.” Thom Brown’s words succeed in perfectly capturing spring 2014′s fashion trends prolonged infatuation with men’s tailored shorts in a single, but highly relevant sentence. Key to a refined summer look, the men’s tailored shorts are known for carrying an automatic elegance if worn correctly. And it’s not late to…
Keeping it short: S/S '14 men's inspiration
Keeping it short: S/S '14 men's inspiration
Keeping it short: S/S '14 men's inspiration
Keeping it short: S/S '14 men's inspiration
Keeping it short: S/S '14 men's inspiration
Keeping it short: S/S '14 men's inspiration
Keeping it short: S/S '14 men's inspiration
Keeping it short: S/S '14 men's inspiration

How to take selfies like a supermodel

In these days of Instagram, lessons on how to look great in photos are naturally popular. Today’s lesson teaches you how to take selfies just like a supermodel. Admittedly this video does more than a little cheating – featuring the likes of Karlie Kloss and Candice Swanepoel, it’s ‘taught’ by supermodels.

Fetishised sensuality gone rogue (NSFW)

It’s not about the desire to shock anymore, not since the bondage element has long morphed into a full statement of luxury, instead the modern fetishism is more about allowing sensuality to break new grounds, without fully abandoning the taste of forbiddance. Chokers, fishnets, thigh-high stockings and leather harnesses met Sidney Bristow’s androgynous beauty as photographed by Yves Kortum for Bambi Magazine, in a successful…
NSFW Photo gallery included.

Miley Cyrus covers Vogue

For those who said that the whole Miley Cyrus twerking saga was not ‘good girl gone bad’ but rather a case of an entertainer attempting to distance herself from her Disney moulded image, now is probably your time to gloat. Right now, the fashion industry loves Miley Cyrus. That should come as no surprise – the fashion industry loves stories of reinventions. And reinventing herself,…

The making of a t-shirt journey continues: weekend watch

After getting accustomed to the idea that there’s nothing ordinary about a t-shirt while exploring a cotton farm in the Mississippi delta, we now move half around the world in following the making of a t-shirt’s extraordinary journey. Going from plant to fabric, the second part of the adventure has you meeting some really cool machines in Indonesia, Colombia, and even Bangladesh. The third chapter…

5 sexy & fashionable music videos to watch this weekend

Music and fashion, fashion and music, one could easily argue these are in fact the two sides of the same coin. Colliding, or coming together, influencing each other or filling each other’s voids, connecting to send a message or perhaps to fully enrich a statement, it is clear that one is not the same without the other. After the break, discover 5 music clips that…

Westwood takes a bow

Aside from her being such a fashion industry veteran, I took this shot of Vivienne Westwood at her Milan men’s show because she did the whole walk and bow, rather than just appearing briefly at one end of the runway like a fleeing apparition and then scurrying back behind the curtains as do so many designers. And years on, clutching a beautifully unruly bunch of…

5 ways to get Cara Delevingne’s makeup: video tutorial roundup

She ranked number one in our “Top 10 models of 2013“, while also securing the highest spot for gracing the best magazine cover of the year; she posed for the biggest names in the fashion industry and she was named the face of some of the most striking fall / winter 2013 campaigns: Cara Delevingne needs no further introduction, as her one of a kind…

10 most mind-blowingly sexy photoshoots of 2013 (NSFW)

2013 in review: 10 hotter-than-hot fashion shoots. We could just direct you to anything Edita Vilkeviciute did this year or anything Emily Ratajkowski did ever, but that wouldn’t be very challenging for us, or provide much variety to you. The bucketloads of pure sexy that we’ve featured in 2013 have given continued weight to the relationship between clothing and skin, between fashion and sensuality. There’s…