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Black Dahlia: shrouded in an elegant mystery

In the light of one of the most enigmatic murder mysteries in American history Fenia Labropoulou creates a fashion shoot in line with the graceful and feminine fashion of the 1940’s. There is something slightly harrowing about the tale of Elizabeth Short, from the mystery surrounding her disappearance to the mystery surrounding her death’s motives. Labropoulou and stylist, Katerina Gouma, create a classical and seamlessly…

Windfall in Athens

One of the most striking things about Fenia Labropoulou’s (lafenia.com) latest shoot is the hair. It’s a concoction of perhaps two parts modern and one part waved flapper bob, a kind of vintage glamour injection for the modern-day girl. The shoot was actually inspired by the 1950s film Windfall in Athens, directed by Mihalis Kakogiannis, a love story centered around a lost lottery ticket. Accompanying…

Weekend beauty: Oleshya

There’s nothing minimal about the way model Oleshya has been styled in Fenia Labropoulou’s latest shoot. In fact, every piece is intricate and avant garde, each outfit well matched by George Valvis’ hair and makeup. A crown of white pearls is princess-like against red lips; an outfit dripping in black fringing made even darker with Gothic blackberry lipstick and smokey eyes.
NSFW Photo gallery included.

Surprise bursts of (visual) noise

It opens with a pristine white outfit of tailored jacket and petal-hemmed skirt, made all the more spring-time luxurious by a garland bursting with pink roses. Jump to the next outfit and a striped crop top and hot pants are punked up by a knuckle-duster loudly declaring “SHUT UP”. Fenia Labropoulou‘s latest editorial is all about that surprise mix, skipping from classic pleats to screaming…

Drawing from a dream

How do you describe a dream? Dreams are fragmented, they have no logical sequence and no sense of time. But they can evoke something; they can leave a mood as a lasting impression that inspires you for the rest of the day. It was a dream that photographer Fenia Labropoulou had that inspired the concept of this shoot, titled, quite aptly, Dreamcatcher.

Weekend beauty: Angelica

What starts out as a stunningly straightforward black and white portrait of model Angelica gets more extreme, styling-wise, as the series goes on. Hairstylist Renos Politis ups the ante from straight and smooth locks to a slick braided bun to an intensely teased and crimped mountain of hair. Photographer Fenia Labropoulou captures the soft beauty each step of the way.

When darkness lit

Once your eyes have made their way beyond the impressive mane of flame-like hair that dominates model Anthi Paraskevaidou, they’ll no doubt be drawn to the clothing of this shoot. The pieces were all created by Greek up-and-coming designer Irene Lytra-Routzerakh – this being her debut collection. For Lytra-Routzerakh effortlessness is important to a woman, but she also takes charge in experimenting with avant-garde combinations…

3 ways to style boy short hair

Anastasia Pavlova’s boy-cut hairstyle gives me visions of Carey Lowell, as Bond Girl Pam Bouvier, slinking around the casino tables in 1989’s License To Kill. It’s the kind of hair that works for a particular face but more so for a particular figure type: tall and slender and athletic, boyish but oozing femininity. In a beautifully photographed series by Fenia Labropoulou, Pavlova’s short hair and…