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How to: wet look French twist

It’s no secret that wet look hair has made a huge come back in the runways and as such features prominently amoungst the list of 2013 hairstyles. The appeal can be attributed to it’s relaxed, laid back feel while at the same time, maintaining some edginess. It’s one of those looks that you can easily incorporate into your everyday outfit without looking over the top.…

5 to try: retro holiday hair how-to videos

They’ll never be as prominent as the more effortless, loose styles; but 1960s hairstyles have still made a big impact on 2013’s hair trends. And the fact that not everyone is willing to put in the effort just means you’ll stand out all the more when you do. This time focusing on bouffant and beehive styles that are perfect for the holiday season (nothing elevates…

Chanel Iman for XOXO

We love a bit of bouffant hair and Chanel Iman’s beehive is no exception. She stars on the cover of the latest XOXO Magazine.

Hairspiration from Hannah Holman

Covering the latest issue of Lula is Hannah Holman, not only looking soft and pretty to a doll-like degree, but also providing some hairstyle inspiration manna for all your retro days. This is kind of like the bouffant double french twist we saw a lot of last spring (and again this season) – only with a bit of extra teasing for a delicately dishevelled bed-hair…

Prada Spring / Summer 2013

Trust Miuccia Prada to take a trend that’s been lingering on the edges, and spin it into new light. For spring / summer 2013 she created a kind of 60s flower-power Geisha girl: orientalism made mod and tied up in an origami bow.

The classic side of Bambi Northwood-Blyth

FORD have some models on their books whose personal styles you’d least consider classic. Grungy, cool, nonchalant, yes – but probably not classic. Count amoung them Julia Nobis, Hanne Gaby Odiele, and Bambi Northwood-Blyth. None the less, for their spring 2013 show package opted to show that elegant and classic side of each of their girls. Looking straight out of another era, we particularly love…
FORD Women's Show Package S/S '13
FORD Women's Show Package S/S '13
FORD Women's Show Package S/S '13
FORD Women's Show Package S/S '13
FORD Women's Show Package S/S '13
FORD Women's Show Package S/S '13
FORD Women's Show Package S/S '13
FORD Women's Show Package S/S '13

How to: boyish half-slicked hairstyle

Edgy, modern and simple are words that come to mind when describing Jeremy Laing’s fall 2012 collection. The hair directly flattered the whole collection with its boyish, slicked style that looks slightly greasy and a little bit androgynous. What is good about this hairstyle is that you can wear this not just for this fall but also for spring or summer because of its wet…

Galliano is reportedly suing Dior

The never-ending Galliano saga just saw him stripped of his Chevalier of the Legion of Honour title by French President, François Hollande. In another twist, though, it seems Galliano is also filing a legal case against Dior, from which he was fired last year. According to The Daily Telegraph, “it is believed that Galliano has lodged an employee/employer dispute claim for over €15 million (£11.9…