This underwater magic will mesmerise you

With each one of these utterly beautiful underwater photo shoots we are sinking deeper and deeper, taking the plunge without looking back once, happy to escape the world as we know it and fall endlessly into a land made out of liquid dreams. Inspired by the ethereal beauty of sea wasps, Ekaterina Belinskaya‘s submerged wonderland is shaped by sea magic, glitters and one amazingly beautiful…
CUBOZOA by Ekaterina Belinskaya
CUBOZOA by Ekaterina Belinskaya
CUBOZOA by Ekaterina Belinskaya
CUBOZOA by Ekaterina Belinskaya
CUBOZOA by Ekaterina Belinskaya
CUBOZOA by Ekaterina Belinskaya

Lady Gaga topless for GQ Italia

With only arresting red lips (and a red nipple) as accessories, Lady Gaga shows off one breast on the cover of the November 2013 issue of GQ Italy. The very avant garde Lady Gaga also sports a boyish hairstyle and dark eyes.

Lady Gaga for Elle US

As part of her come back, Lady Gaga lands on the cover of the October 2013 issue of Elle with fringes acting like her hair for a close up, intimate shot.

Lady Gaga topless again for V Magazine

Lady Gaga poses for more interesting covers for the September 2013 issue of V Magazine. The 27 year old pop singer doesn’t mind posing nude, dirty and portraying different looks for the sake of art and fashion. Gaga sports an embellished jacket and different custom made pieces from designer brands like Yves Saint Laurent and Giorgio Armani as photographed by the prolific duo Inez &…

Lady Gaga strips down for V Magazine

Lady Gaga goes naked on the No.85 Winter Preview 2013 issue of V Magazine. Gaga, almost always spotted in lavish and weird costumes, is all natural and naked on this issue with just messy bed hair to add character to this cover story. Without all the makeup and bold accessorising, you’d hardly even recognise the singer.

10 absurd fashion statements we’re happy never became trends

While it’s true that we all share a certain connection with the past and we have the good old days to thank for some of our all-time favourite fashion trends, think ultra-short mod dresses, Letterman jackets, peter pan collars and cat eye sunglasses, fashion as we know it today would have been a totally different story had any of the following fashion statements emerged into…

Shoes as art: Aperlai

Leave it to an accessory brand that’s inspired by artists like Picasso, Mondrian and Pollock to come up with a shoe collection that leaves women drooling. We all love our shoes: by putting on a lovely pair of shoes, you change your entire look and Paris-based brand Aperlai knows this. Staying true to the brand’s identity, designer Alessandra Lanvin has come up with a collection…