5 hairstyles that will save your morning: video roundup

There’s something about the rainy, chillier mornings of autumn that pushes you to prolong your cozy stay under the warm blankets just about until reality hits, and those few extra minutes spent in bed suddenly become necessary elsewhere. So either you skip breakfast and put all of your time and effort into starting the day looking your absolute best, or you go for a barely…

Miranda Kerr naked (and apparently bi-sexual) in GQ

Rolling around naked with a pert bottom and slinky thigh-high socks is poles apart from designing a fine china collection worthy of your Grandmother’s best Sunday tea-party. For most people that is, but not for Miranda Kerr. Somehow she’s managed to end up a spokesperson for Royal Doulton as well as retaining her position as number one bringer of pure sex (sweetly, not smuttily) to…

Etam lingerie: the not-quite-Victoria’s-Secret show

Live music, live audience, gorgeous models parading in lingerie. No it’s not quite the Victoria’s Secret fashion show – but Etam’s live show 2014 has similar elements without the magnitude and budget. Performances from the likes of Kavinsky and Azealia Banks, along with some beautiful bodies and beautiful (understated) lingerie sets makes it worth a watch. Check out the full show after the break.

Instamoments: fashionising our way through 2013

From Melbourne to Marrakech, the team behind certainly did a lot of … fashionising in 2013. Along the way we snapped plenty of photos, some even made it to our respective Instagram accounts: @fashionising, @taniabraukamper, and @ajbar7. So as we ease ourselves through the first day of 2014, here’s a selection of the times and travels of’s editors across 2013 (which, admittedly, consisted…

Emily Ratajkowski beyond Blurred Lines: 10 best moments from a meteoric rise

To all the fans of this summer’s hit song “Blurred Lines”, Emily Ratajkowski is the doe-eyed brunette seen cuddling in bed with Robin Thicke. Although her modeling career began way ahead of 2013, it was her sexy yet utterly endearing appearance in the “Blurred Lines” video that helped Emily finally establish a name in the industry. Easily called one of the top 10 models of…

Lady Gaga topless for GQ Italia

With only arresting red lips (and a red nipple) as accessories, Lady Gaga shows off one breast on the cover of the November 2013 issue of GQ Italy. The very avant garde Lady Gaga also sports a boyish hairstyle and dark eyes.

Emily Ratajkowski undressed and slightly ridiculously hot (video)

Typically Terry Richardson in style – with bright white backdrops, phallic symbolisms and giant foods of the Americana variety – is this shoot of Emily Ratajkowski. Gorgeous, as always, Ratajkowski knows how to give the people what they want, even if she is also capable of so much more. One could argue there’s something empowering about that.

Know, see, do, read: for the fashioniser’s weekend

Misquotations to quote during all those dinner party conversations (just don’t misquote the misquotations), animals you never knew existed, rare natural phenomenon and how to look great in photos. Plus in our weekend reads, the story behind the real-life Bling Ring and how Sarah Burton became fashion royalty. After the break, a fashioniser’s guide to the weekend.

HOT Anne V for Mexican GQ

Wearing only a black lace underwear and a pair of sexy heels, Victoria’s Secret angel Anne Vyalitsyna poses for the cover of GQ Mexico’s May 2013 issue. With messy bed hair the blonde beauty looks extra sexy on this cover.