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Hanne Gaby Odiele after Roberto Cavalli

You could be forgiven for thinking a confused-looking Hanne Gaby Odiele had just rolled out of bed and out to the front of the Roberto Cavalli spring 2014 show. But that lightly greasy, centre-parted hairstyle was the one straight off the runway – now just a little more dishevelled.

The Valentino braid on the street: off duty model gallery

Valentino’s side plait with headband shone with a kind of girlish innocence on the fashion house’s fall 2013 runway. It’s the kind of simple style that – hair length permitting – anyone can create. At the Tuileries after the show, models looks equally gorgeous sporting the style off the runway. You can see some of their off duty outfits – including the likes of Hanne…

The classic side of Bambi Northwood-Blyth

FORD have some models on their books whose personal styles you’d least consider classic. Grungy, cool, nonchalant, yes – but probably not classic. Count amoung them Julia Nobis, Hanne Gaby Odiele, and Bambi Northwood-Blyth. None the less, for their spring 2013 show package opted to show that elegant and classic side of each of their girls. Looking straight out of another era, we particularly love…

Off duty track pants: Hanne Gaby

If there’s anyone who looks completely at home in unusual clashes of styles and prints, it’s model Hanne Gaby Odiele. An untucked shirt over sporty striped track pants is not a combination many would consider high fashion, but it’s all about the attitude with which you pull it off.

Domestic dramas with Alana & Hanne Gaby

Sharp bobs offer up a futuristic, almost robotic slant to 1950s dressing in this shoot by Steven Pan. Karen Kaiser’s styling takes the typically-now elements of crop tops and high-waisted skirts, pastel colours and retro-inspired prints and sharpens them with a distinctly modern edge. Meanwhile these two dysfunctional ladies of leisure – played by Alana Zimmer and Hanne Gaby Odiele – occupy their lives with…

Eclectic Hanne Gaby

Hanne Gaby Odiele may just earn the title of Queen of the Eclectic. Was ever there another off duty model so daring in their mixtures of colours, textures and prints? Always game to show off some midriff and able to pull off a combination of skinny leather pants and a Missoni cardigan with an unprecedented level of cool, this is one of those eclectic outfits…

Setting the bar on sporty-chic

You might disagree on some level – but wearing lingerie as outwear is one degree of sexy, and then wearing a sports bra as the only piece is groundbreakingly sexy. Hanne-Gaby Odiele’s off-duty style proves it. The strategic all-white styling, from the nail enamel down to the shoes, compliment her lean physique. It’s almost like looking at a moving cloud, for which the wind blown…

Running in heels: weekend watch

The second issue of Antidote magazine centres around something most, if not all, women are enamoured by: shoes. The roll call of models for the six covers is impressive, namely Constance Jablonski, Anne Vyalitsyna, Magdalena Frackowiak, Sigrid Agren, Ashley Smith and Hanne Gaby Odiele – all decked out in little bar for that essential accessory we call the high heel. In an accompanying video preview…

Harnessing Hanne Gaby

Looking for more inspiration on getting 2011’s take on the leather harness right? Hanne Gaby Odiele’s own version has that classic feel of being more equestrian, less fetish. And while the crop top makes for a daring accompaniment, this type of harness could work with anything from a fine knit to a tee to a crisp white shirt.

Softness that hits you

Regardless of what fashion trends are sweeping in on the spring breeze, there’s nothing that tugs at the sentimental corners of my heart like pastels. Pastel colours are cherry blossoms, and marshmallows, and those sticks of chalk you used to draw with on the pavement with as a kid. They add colour without adding boldness. They hit you with memories. This outfit worn by Hanne…