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Minimal, sporty, cool: Hanneli in Paris

A tousled bob, pair of black peep-toe booties and chic ear cuff were the perfect accessories for Hanneli Mustaparta when she wore this simple yet sporty-cool number in Paris. The monochrome dress was given its sporty touch thanks to the crest badge and structured cut. Check out more street style at that link.

No time for street style: Hanneli

No parking? No posing. Sometimes stopping for a street style photo is inadvisable, even for a favoured subject like Hanneli Mustaparta. Time waits for no-one, after all, and neither does the Rag & Bone show.

So Lindsey, so chic

Only a street style queen could pick out the creme of the crop. Especially when it comes down to New York City during New York fashion week. When model Lindsey Wixson isn’t performing her mainstream runway duties, she continues the style saga on the street, as seen in this cute, French-inspired do. The upper-torso shot is enough to justify her chic personal style. The pastel…

Burgundy and blue: a combination that works

Sometimes colour trends are dependent on groupings. A colour in isolation may be considered on-trend, but when set against a particular combination, the power is magnified tenfold. Take the contrast of vibrant blue against rich burgundy. If you have these two colours floating about in your wardrobe, here’s a timely reminder that you should get them out and reunite them.

Burnt colours: statement hues for now

They’re the colours for now and they’re the colours for next season. And between now and then, just about every label and retailer will offer something up in a burnt shade of colour that sits somewhere between red and yellow. That means that this is a burnt colour trend is inclusive of orange, a burnt hue that Acne have picked up on.

Welcome to Summer

While some parts of the world do their best to endure the insufferable cold in style, other parts have just ushered in the first day of summer. Looking at this picture of Hanneli we can’t help but think that there’s no better welcome than to pull on some bright colours and soft crochet, or some other celebration of 2011’s summer fashion trends. And speaking of…

How to ride a bike in heels

Two of my favourite trends for summer come together in one perfect photo: bicycle chique and the little lace dress. And what otherwise might be soft edge is rounded off courtesy of the dark contrasts of the Y3 hat and the Acne boots.

The casual tuck-in

Effortless dressing is something of an art. It can be in a jacket thrown over the shoulders, or a rolled-up cuff, or in the simple half tuck-in of a shirt. Case in point: this street style photo, snapped by Hanneli Mustaparta, of a balanced outfit consisting of leather shorts and a casually thrown on and half tucked-in shirt.

Two pant looks combined

Next season’s wide leg pants trend meets last season’s patterned pants trend in the guise of these floral, multi-toned trousers.

One look. Two statements.

With a look that marries a motorcycle jacket with flared jeans, Hanneli Mustaparta ponders to flare or not to flare? It’s not the question, but yes is the answer. When it comes to 2011’s fashion trends watch this space: these are two statement pieces for the new year.