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Iron Maiden: weekend watch

I dare not attempt to summarise the strange and wordless story of Marcos Mello & Jacques Dequeker’s Iron Maiden. This Director’s cut of the Wolf Magazine (wolfmagazine.com) fashion film is lengthy, equivocal, open to interpretation, though artistically and cinematically filmed and directed in a way that draws you in and is visually striking. In leather harness and officer’s cap model Alicia Kuczman is very much…

Weekend read: the birth, death and rebirth of Jacques magazine

“Jacques was attempting to recreate an aesthetic that died years ago in an industry that is collapsing in a medium that is declining…” What happened to Jacques Magazine, the print world’s bold return to vintage-style erotica? From the crumbling relationship of its founders, to the crumbling of the title itself, Jacques has had a bumpy ride.

Sunday distraction: Fernanda

Sensuality without blatant nudity: it’s a concept Jacques Dequeker just gets. Case in point, shots like these in which the lines and curves of Fernanda Tavares’ back are the defining features of the photograph.

New media insight: Jacques 2012 Calendar

What avenues are there for new fashion media (by Fashionising.com’s definition, those fashion titles that recognise the change in the way people consume media, be it in print or digital) to generate revenue? Conde Nast, the publisher of Vogue and a company that feels to be operating firmly in the realm of old media, turned to iPad editions of their magazine, though that hasn’t gone…

Jacques Magazine sports issue cover

This cover from Jacques Magazine‘s sports issue has an adorable vintage feel to it… like sporty fashion taking a jump back to the 70’s. ‘Adorable’ is probably not the word you’d pick for the other images released from the issue however – they’re a little more raunchy to say the least. Click on the image above for more (warning: NSFW)
NSFW Photo gallery included.

Jacques magazine does bowling: video

The last time we saw a teaser trailer for Jacques Magazine‘s Sports Issue, it was making sexy work of a game of squash. Trailer 2 gives bowling a similar treatment with the gorgeous Lauren Young practicing on her strikes. Is it fashion? Not exactly. So is this post totally gratuitous? A little yes, but not totally. For starters sporty fashion is in, so the entire…

Jacques makes sport sexy… very sexy

It’s a reality that print magazines are waking up to: the more media rich and creative they are, the more likely they are to survive. Jacques Magazine is a prime example. It’s fashionable, modern erotica with a hazy vintage quality that sets it apart from its glossier counterparts. And each issue is surrounded by snippets of video and pictorial content that piques interest in the…

Nostalgia, erotica, lingerie: Jacques Magazine

Kiki De Montparnasse lingerie and a 1946 Harley Davidson is a combo worth rebelling for. New quarterly publication, JACQUES Magazine, channels modern erotica through aesthetically appealing sets in which the girls embody high fashion ideas and leave the “girl-next-door” look sitting on the curb wondering what happened to her has-been appeal. Whatever happened to first-class elegance in the erotica industry? Well it’s coming back, and…
NSFW Photo gallery included.