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See, do, read, check out: whimsy and weight

From cats in your coffee to the colour of models on your catwalk, we’re closing the week with issues of whimsy and weight. In between those two polar opposites is your chance to see the not-so-1920s fashion of Prada’s work for The Great Gatsby along with scientific proof that I am now more masculine. Read on for a fashionisers’ guide to the weekend ahead.

Enduring classics: retro mens grooming products

For all the technological improvements and advances in skin care we’ve seen in the last decade, old school products are a constant reminder that when something works, don’t mess with it. Picking up a tube of shaving cream that your father used everyday, and before that his father, adds a certain nostalgic charm to your morning routine. It’s a throwback to bygone eras when shaving…

Prada and Pop Art

In 1956 Richard Hamilton produced a photomontage called Just what is it that makes today's homes so different, so appealing? It was a mash-up of "comics, newspapers, advertising, cars, food, packaging, appliances, celebrity, sex, the space age, television and the movies" and it's considered to be one of the earliest works of the Pop Art movement. Hamilton's collage commented on popular culture, mass-production and consumerism, precisely what Pop Art was all about. So what has this all got to do with gem-encrusted bodysuits and pastel-coloured pleats as envisaged by Miuccia Prada?

Topshop Melbourne’s spurs shopping revitalisation

While few have any doubt about the impact that the opening of Topshop in Melbourne will have on the fashion retail scene, in these times of prophesied doom and gloom scant attention has been paid to the positive affects of that impact. Take, for instance, the guaranteed boost to the business that some of Topshop’s future neighbours will enjoy:

Topshop date officially confirmed for for Oz

Update: the opening date of Melbourne’s first Topshop has been announced as December 8, 2011. The details exclusively revealed by Fashionising.com in June about the coming of Topshop to Australia have now been confirmed by Topshop’s owner Sir Philip Green. The announcement has confirmed the following details on the brand’s move into Australia;

Exclusive: Topshop coming to Australia

Are you ready for the change that is coming to fashion shopping in Australia? If not, prepare yourself. As we’ve mentioned many a time, Australia’s fast fashion and fashion retail spaces are both undeveloped and very different to the rest of the world. In large part it’s a country where shoppers head to centres modelled on the shopping malls prevalent in the United States. The…

Anna Feller: sporty to perfection

In the opening shot from this photo series, model Anna Feller gazes down the camera lens beneath long lashes and blonde eyebrows; with a sensual pout and a cigarette at her mouth, and a dangling crucifix at her ear. The title text reads Saint Anna. As you’ve probably guessed by now there’s nothing really saintly about it. Photographer Taylor James – who we’ve featured a…